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Arnaldur Hjartarson- LL.M. Candidate ‘13

I was born and raised in Iceland, where I studied law at the University of Iceland. Shortly after I graduated from law school, Iceland suffered a serious financial crisis which involved a collapse of the country’s banking sector. Subsequently, I was offered a chance to work for the Special Investigation Commission of the Icelandic Parliament, which had the task of investigating the causes of the crisis. Later, I also worked for the Financial Supervisory Authority before going on to work as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Iceland.

One could write a long list of qualities that contribute to the excellence of Yale Law School. Generally speaking, Yale has a very strong reputation in the field of law, particularly when it comes to educating those who wish to qualify as academic experts. This, along with Yale Law School’s unmatched student-to-faculty ratio, made YLS a very attractive option in my eyes. Finally, having various opportunities to work closely with outstanding faculty members in my areas of interest was something that really made a difference for me.

Currently, my research is focused mainly on financial regulation and corporate law, but also on international law, EU law and human rights law.