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Daniel Maggen- LL.M. Candidate ‘13

I came to the LL.M. program at YLS from Tel-Aviv University in Israel, where I completed bachelor’s degrees in law and history and a master’s degree in law, with my thesis focusing on the Soviet Moscow trials and political trials theory. I have served for five years as a Law Clerk in Israel’s Supreme Court, and held several RA and TA positions. I am here in New Haven with my spouse, our two year old daughter, and two cats.
My decision to attend the LL.M. program at YLS, on top of all the obvious reasons, was based on the program’s focus on the academic aspects of the law, its freedom of choice, the closeness of its community, and its reputation as having a very engaged and unique student body. Here, I believed, I could learn not only from the close proximity to esteemed scholars, but also from my fellow students, and this has indeed proven to be the case.

During my time here I focus on the areas of legal theory and legal philosophy, as well as the legal meaning of tradition and culture. I hope to continue my studies in the YLS J.S.D. program, and afterwards venture into a career in legal teaching back in Israel.