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Helen Eenmaa

J.S.D. Candidate ‘12

Helen Eenmaa is a J.S.D. candidate at Yale Law School and a Fellow of the Yale Center for Law and Philosophy. While writing her J.S.D. dissertation at the Law School, she has been teaching legal and moral philosophy at the Yale Department of Philosophy.

Fields of Academic Interest & Dissertation Project
Ms. Eenmaa’s primary academic fields of interest are tort law, law & economics, philosophy of law, and international law. Her J.S.D. dissertation and recent publications study the theoretical foundations of tort law, being particularly focused on the disagreements between the economic and philosophical theories of tort law. In her dissertation, she analyses the problems of dependency and emptiness of the principle of corrective justice. She argues that the principle of corrective justice is despite criticism both an independent and substantive principle of justice, which is also reflected in our legal practice.

Doctoral Committee
Professor Scott Shapiro (Supervisor), Professor Jules Coleman (Reader), Professor Daniel Markovits (Reader), Professor Richard Brooks (Reader), and Professor Matthew Smith (Reader)

LL.M., Yale Law School, 2006
LL.B., University of Tartu, 2005
B.A., Philosophy, University of Tartu, 2002

Contact information
Yale Law School
P.O. Box 208215
New Haven, CT 06511