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Itamar Mann

Itamar Mann is a scholar and practitioner of human rights. His recent scholarship includes The Dual Foundation of Universal Jurisdiction and The Necessity Procedure: Laws of Torture in Israel and Beyond, 1987 – 2009 (with Omer Shatz). He occasionally contributes op-eds for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

In 2010 - 2011, Mr. Mann was awarded Yale Law School’s Bernstein Fellowship for Human Rights. During the fellowship he served as consultant for the Open Society Justice Initiative, and wrote The EU’s Dirty Hands, a Human Rights Watch report spotlighting the complicity of European Union border guards with inhumane treatment of migrants. His current research examines the legal structure of transnational border enforcement in the US, EU and Australia.

Before coming to Yale Law School, Mr. Mann studied law and philosophy in the Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students in Tel Aviv-University. In the philosophy department, he taught a mandatory critical reading course for sophomores. He also practiced law, including in the Supreme Court of Israel. His cases challenged due process violations in security-related procedures, deportations, and administrative detention. He co-founded an Israeli NGO called Anu Plitim (“We Refugees”), providing pro-bono representation for asylum seekers. Mr. Mann speaks English, Hebrew, Arabic and French.

Fields of Academic Interest & Dissertation Project
Mr. Mann’s areas of interest are international law, procedure, immigration, and legal theory. His dissertation is provisionally entitled International Law without Borders: Undocumented Migration and the Two Futures of Human Rights. It argues that the global phenomenon of undocumented migration - which has been steadily growing in the last decades - demands rethinking fundamental premises of 20th century international law.

Doctoral Committee
Professors Paul W. Kahn (supervisor), Seyla Benhabib (reader), and James Q. Whitman (reader).

L.L.M., Yale Law School, 2010
L.L.B., Tel-Aviv University, 2007

Contact Information:
email: itamar.mann-kanowitz@yale.edu  
Phone number: (857) 600-7480