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Jorge Contesse

Jorge Contesse is assistant professor of law at the Universidad Diego Portales, in Santiago, Chile, where he directed its Center for Human Rights. He sits on the board of Chile's National Human Rights Institute and is currently Schell Center Visiting Human Rights Fellow at Yale Law School. He has been Visiting Resource Professor at the University of Texas, Crowley Fellow in International Human Rights at Fordham Law School and Visiting Professor at the University of Miami School of Law. Jorge has also been a researcher and consultant to various international organizations, such as the International Council on Human Rights Policy, Human Rights Watch and the Ford Foundation. He has directed research projects focusing on indigenous peoples, including a project cosponsored by Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School and Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). He is one of the founding members of the Latin American Series at Yale Law School.

Jorge’s research interests lie on the intersection between international human rights law and constitutional law. His J.S.D. dissertation explores the particular case of indigenous peoples’ law in Chile and the Americas, discussing the way in which international human rights affects and influences domestic law and the challenges these interactions pose to traditional legal arrangements.

Doctoral Committee
Professors Reva B. Siegel (chair), Owen M. Fiss, Paul W. Kahn, and W. Michael Reisman (readers).

LL.M., Yale Law School (Fulbright Scholar)
LL.B., Diego Portales School of Law