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Leora Dahan-Katz

Leora Dahan-Katz is a Lillian Goldman Scholar and a JSD Candidate at the Yale Law School. She is a Fellow at the Yale Center for Law and Philosophy and runs the Law and Philosophy Speaker Series. Before coming to Yale in 2011, Ms. Dahan-Katz tutored Jurisprudence at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, teaching topics in moral, legal and political philosophy. Her recent work explores the moral and legal implications of recent developments in the field of cognitive psychology and is forthcoming in Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility (OUP, 2013). She is currently completing an M.A. in philosophy as she begins her doctoral research.

Fields of Academic Interest & Dissertation Project
Ms. Dahan-Katz’s areas of interest include legal theory, moral philosophy, criminal law, political philosophy & cognitive and neuro-sciences. For her J.S.D. project, she is addressing the differential treatment of risk and harm in criminal law.

Doctoral Committee
Professor Daniel Markovits (Supervisor), Professor Dan Kahan (Reader), Professor Scott Shapiro (Reader)

LL.M., Yale Law School, 2012
LL.M., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2010
LL.B., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2004
B.A. (Interdisciplinary LL.B.), Literature, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2004

Contact information
Yale Law School
P.O. Box 208215
New Haven, CT 06511