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Or Bassok

Or Bassok is a Robina Foundation Visiting Human Rights Fellow and a JSD candidate. His recent articles examine the relations between the sociological legitimacy of the American Supreme Court and its normative legitimacy; originalism as a method of esoteric writing, and the effects of media coverage on the sociological legitimacy of the Israeli Supreme Court. He earned his LL.M from Yale Law School in 2007 where has was a Fulbright scholar. Before coming to Yale, Bassok served as a defense attorney in the Israeli Defense Forces where he defended soldiers before military courts and the Israeli Supreme Court. His last case before the Israeli Supreme Court dealt with the evidentiary meaning of defendant’s failure to testify in trial (Milstein v. Chief Military Prosecutor).

Bassok’s fields of interest are constitutional law, constitutional theory and criminal procedure with particular emphasis on institutional legitimacy, constitutional identity, human rights, and comparative constitutional law. As a Robina Fellow, he is currently researching human rights issues as part of the Schell Center’s 2025 Human Rights Project. His JSD dissertation examines the decline of American constitutional law.

Dissertation Committee: Bruce Ackerman (chair), Jack Balkin (reader), Robert C. Post (reader).

LL.M, Yale Law School (2007)
LL.M, Hebrew University (2006)
LL.B, Hebrew University (2000)