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J.S.D. Application

The Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) program is open only to LL.M. graduates of the Yale Law School.

A J.S.D. applicant must:

1. Have achieved high standing in taking the LL.M. degree at Yale Law School and demonstrate strong aptitude for performing advanced scholarly research. Admission to candidacy for the J.S.D. is highly selective. It does not follow automatically from admission to the LL.M. program or from the award of the LL.M. degree, but rests entirely on the graduate committee's independent judgment of the applicant's qualifications. Admission to candidacy requires the endorsement of the graduate committee. The Yale LL.M. must have been awarded within the five years preceding the student's application. Similarly, if the dissertation has not been completed in five years from the date of J.S.D. admission, the candidate will be withdrawn. Only under extraordinary circumstances will an extension be granted.

2. Submit:
(a) a completed J.S.D. application form from Yale Law School, plus a letter of application;
(b) a dissertation proposal, including a proposed time frame for the completion of the dissertation;
(c) a statement of the contingent approval by three committee members who are willing to serve as supervisors and readers. The committee must be composed of at least three members of the Yale Law School faculty, one of whom must be the chair;
(d)letters of recommendation from two members of the Yale Law School faculty;
(e) a writing sample, which would ordinarily be a paper written as an LL.M. student.

The application and supporting materials should be submitted to the J.S.D. program, Yale Law School, PO Box 208215, New Haven, CT 06520-8215, by March 25, 2015.

If you have any questions, contact the Graduate Programs Office.