LL.M. Timeline
Aug. 1: Yale begins accepting LL.M. applications
Sept. 3: Classes begin; we recommend a visit
Sept.:  Arrange to take TOEFL, if you have not yet done so
Dec. 1: Last day applications are accepted
Dec. 18-Jan 5: Winter break begins at 6 p.m.
Jan 6: Classes resume
Mid-March: Admissions decisions will be made
April 27: Classes end

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Before You Apply for the LL.M.

Before applying to the Yale Law School LL.M. program, please review our eligibility requirements below:
  • Applicants for the LL.M. program must have completed their law degree at an accredited U.S. law school or a non-U.S. law school with substantially equivalent standards, and must have a strong record of academic accomplishment. All letters of admission are conditional upon graduation. We reserve the right to review or revoke admission if you fail to graduate with your class.
  • Some professional or law teaching experience following completion of the first professional degree is encouraged.
  • Admission is ordinarily not available to students who have obtained or are pursuing an LL.M. or an equivalent degree from another law school in the United States.
  • Admission is generally available only to individuals planning careers in law teaching and scholarship.
  • An evaluative interview is not part of the admission process, but on-campus visits are welcomed.
My decision to attend the LL.M. program was based on the program’s focus on the academic aspects of the law, its freedom of choice, the closeness of its community, and its reputation as having a very engaged and unique student body.
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