LL.M. Timeline
Aug. 1: Yale begins accepting LL.M. applications
Sept. 1: Classes begin; we recommend a visit
Sept.:  Arrange to take TOEFL, if you have not yet done so
Dec. 1: Last day applications are accepted
Dec. 22-Jan 18: Winter break begins at 5 p.m.
Jan 19: Classes resume
Mid-March: Admissions decisions will be made
April 25: Classes end

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LL.M. Admissions FAQ

Application Process
Transcripts and Recommendations

Application Process

What are the basic requirements for application?
Applicants for the LL.M. program must have completed their law degree at an accredited U.S. law school or a non-U.S. law school with substantially equivalent standards and must have a strong record of academic accomplishments. More about our requirements...

What is the application deadline, and when can I begin submitting my application material?
You may submit your application any time after August 1. The application deadline for academic year 2016-2017 is December 1, 2015. See our step-by-step instructions...

I am reapplying, what do I need to do?
Previous applicants who were not admitted to the LLM program must submit a completely new application and pay the application fee. Applicants who have been denied admission three times may not file further applications.

When will the decisions be made? Are the decisions made on a rolling basis?
Decisions are typically made in mid-March. All decisions are made at the same time, not on a rolling basis. See our step-by-step instructions...

How do I apply for financial aid?
Financial aid is not applied for or determined until after admission. At that time, a financial aid application form is completed. Financial aid is available to all admitted applicants and is based on need. Learn more about your options for financial aid.


Must I take any exams such as the LSAT, GRE, or TOEFL?
The LSAT and GRE are not required. The TOEFL is required unless your undergraduate education or first law degree was completed in the United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, or Canada (in English medium of instruction schools). Applicants who have at least a 4-year degree from the US or the countries listed above may request a waiver of the TOEFL. More about the TOEFL...

What code numbers do I indicate so Yale Law School may receive my TOEFL report?
The TOEFL must be submitted through LSAC's Credential Assembly Service. The LSAC institution code is 8395. More about the TOEFL...

Transcripts and Recommendations

My school does not provide transcripts, or only supplies one original. What should I provide?
We accept several forms of academic records when official transcripts are not available. More about transcripts...

My transcripts and/or recommendations are not in English. Must I have them translated?
Yes. All documents submitted must be in English. Translations must be made and certified by an official translator. You should submit both the original and the translated versions. More about transcripts...

Can I submit my transcripts directly to YLS or must I use LSAC CAS?
We require all applicants to the LLM program to submit their applications online through LSAC’s electronic application. Official transcripts must be submitted through LSAC’s LLM Credential Assembly Service.
More about transcripts…

Can my recommenders send their letters directly to Yale Law School? 
No, all letters of recommendation must be sent through LSAC’s Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Service
More about letters of recommendation …


When should I plan to arrive?
In order to arrange housing, you should plan to arrive by early August. You should also plan to attend the orientation session at the end of August, which offers much useful information to newly admitted students. View the academic calendar.

When are classes in session?
Generally, the first week of September until mid-May. View the academic calendar.

Is the program available part-time? Nights? Summers? And does Yale offer the LL.M. through correspondence or long-distance learning?
No. Read about the LL.M. academic program...


What courses are offered at Yale Law School?
A current course listing can be viewed at the Yale Bulletin website. You can also learn much more about the academic environment at Yale Law School.

Does Yale Law School offer specializations within the LL.M program?
No. There is only one LL.M. program at Yale Law School, and it is a generalized program. Courses are elective, and students tailor their studies to their own interests. No specialization is indicated on the degree or official academic transcript. See the LL.M. academics page.

May I take courses in other departments at Yale?
Yes. Up to 6 units of credit toward the degree can be earned outside the Law School. More about academic requirements...

If accepted to the LL.M. program, would I automatically be admitted to the J.S.D. program?
Admission to J.S.D. candidacy does not follow automatically from admission to the LL.M. program or from the award of the LL.M. degree. Admission is highly selective and rests entirely on an independent judgment of your J.S.D. proposal and academic record by the Graduate Committee. More about applying for the J.S.D....

If I am selected, may I defer for one or more years?
Due to the small size of the admitted class, Yale Law School does not offer deferred admission. If you are admitted but cannot accept our offer, you may reapply. Admission is not guaranteed, however, as decisions are made independent of previous years.

Currently, my research is focused mainly on financial regulation and corporate law, but also on international law, EU law and human rights law. It is safe to say that I have broad interests within the law.
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