LL.M. Timeline
Aug. 1:Yale begins accepting LL.M. applications
Sept.1: Classes begin; we recommend a visit
Sept.: Arrange to take TOEFL, if you have not yet done so
Dec.1: Last day applications are accepted
Dec. 22-Jan 18: Winter break begins at5 p.m.
Jan 19: Classes resume
Mid-March: Admissions decisions will be made
April 25: Classes end

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LL.M. Application Forms

You can apply to the LL.M. program online for the 2016-17 academic year, using our electronic application(available August 1). If you experience technical difficulties in using the service, please call LSAC's Help Desk at (215) 968-1393.

Downloads require a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Currently, my research is focused mainly on financial regulation and corporate law, but also on international law, EU law and human rights law. It is safe to say that I have broad interests within the law.
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