LL.M. Timeline
Aug. 1: Yale begins accepting LL.M. applications
Sept. 1: Classes begin; we recommend a visit
Sept.:  Arrange to take TOEFL, if you have not yet done so
Dec. 1: Last day applications are accepted
Dec. 22-Jan 18: Winter break begins at 5 p.m.
Jan 19: Classes resume
Mid-March: Admissions decisions will be made
April 25: Classes end

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LL.M. Requirements

Graduate students are admitted for one academic year in residence, leading to the degree of Master of Laws. To qualify for the LL.M. degree, students must:
  • successfully complete at least 18 units of the 24 units required of regular course and seminar offerings (in the Law School or other schools in the University);
  • carry a total of no fewer than 12 units of credit per term; 
  • up to 6 units per year (or 8 units if a candidate takes a first-term ungraded course) may be taken credit/fail only with the consent of the instructor;
  • spend at least two terms in residence.

LL.M. candidates can complete up to 6 units of the 24 units required of independent research and writing for credit under the supervision of a Law School faculty member. (With approval, up to 6 units of credit toward the LL.M. degree can be earned in courses in other schools in the University.) They can also participate in faculty-supervised, student-run reading groups.

The LL.M. program runs from September through May and includes a fall and spring term; there are no January admissions.

My decision to attend the LL.M. program was based on the program’s focus on the academic aspects of the law, its freedom of choice, the closeness of its community, and its reputation as having a very engaged and unique student body.
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