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Placement & Support on the Law Teaching Market

Yale Law School has had tremendous success in helping its students secure law teaching positions. The Law School now places 25-40 of its graduates in tenure-track positions at law schools each year. Despite its relatively small size, Yale Law School has produced approximately ten percent of all professors currently teaching in American law schools. A recent study found that of the 189 faculty at the top sixteen law schools who had received their J.D. in the preceding fifteen years, a plurality—80 professors—graduated from Yale Law School.  Many deans at law schools across the country and around the world also are Yale graduates. 

The Law School provides comprehensive support to all its students and alumni, guiding them through all stages of the legal teaching job market. Ph.D. students will be entitled to the full range of support services currently available to Yale Law School students, alumni and fellows.

For more information, consult the Law Teaching Program’s webpage.