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SELA 2007

"Law and Culture"
June 12-15, 2007
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Click here for schedule (PDF)

Panel 1: The Interplay of Law and Culture: Constitutionalism

Jorge Contesse - Culture, Constitutionalism, and Human Rights (English / Spanish)
Roberto Saba - Constitutions and Codes: A Difficult Marriage (English / Spanish)
Reva Siegel and Robert Post - Constitutional Patriotism and Constitutional Culture (English / Spanish)

Marisa Iglesias

Panel II: The Interplay of Law and Culture: Violence

Paul Kahn - Managing Violence: Acoustic Separation, Memorials, and Scapegoats (English / Spanish)
Julieta Lemaitre - Legal Fetishism: Law, Violence, and Social Movements in Colombia (English / Spanish)
Catalina Perez Correa - Distrust and Disobedience: Discourse and Practice of Law in Mexico (English / Spanish)

Mario Ramos-Reyes

Panel III: Hybrid Legal Cultures: Borrowings and Impositions

Ximena Benavides - Competition Among Laws (English / Spanish)
Martin Bohmer - Borrowings and Acquisitions: The Use of Foreign Law as a Strategy to Build Constitutional and Democratic Authority (English / Spanish)
Marina Mota Prado - Institutional Reforms, Legal Transplants, and Political Systems (English / Portuguese)

Esteban Restrepo

Panel IV: Legal Formalism

Marcelo Ferrante - Community Views and Criminal Law Reform (English / Spanish)
Marcio Grandchamp - Empirical Defenses of Formalism (English / Portuguese)
Paulo Mattos and Caio Pereira - Legal Research Crisis in Brazil: Traps and Alternatives to Legal Formalism (English / Portuguese)

Roberto Lara

Panel V: Legal Pluralism

Ximena Fuentes - International Law and Domestic Law: Definitely an Odd Couple (English / Spanish)
Roberto Gargarella - Grafts and Rejections: Political Radicalism and Constitutional Transplants in the Americas (English / Spanish)
Neus Torbisco - Beyond Unity and Coherence: The Challenge of Multicultural Jurisdictions in Postnational Legal Orders (English)

Jose Julian Alvarez-Gonzalez