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Yale World Fellows Visit Law School

Ma Jun, Director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, and Zhang Jingjing, former Visiting Scholar at The China Law Center and nowDeputy County Director of the Public Interest Law Institute, spoke with members of the Yale community. Each addressed developments that had transpired in China since they left Yale as World Fellows. Ma Jun explained how his organization, which aggregates and displays information on China's largest polluters, was now working with companies to address compliance issues; this marks a new stage inChina's growing environmental movement,and attests to the success Ma has had in raising awarenessabout responsibility forenvironmental disasters. Zhang Jingjing talked about the establishment of 4 environmental courts and their roles in more rigorously enforcing China's environmental laws. She also mentioned how a newly founded transnational network of environmental lawyers could avail themselves of these courts to address transboundary problems, including river flows from the Tibetan plateau into Southeast Asia.