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Fourteenth Annual Liman Public Interest Colloquium


The Fourteenth Annual Arthur Liman Colloquium

Collaboration, Cooperation, and Confrontation

March 3-4, 2011 • Yale Law School

Current and former members of the executive and legislative branches will join advocates to examine their respective roles in serving the public interest. We begin the afternoon of Thursday, March 3, with the discussion In and Out of Government: A Conversation. We have asked our panelists to discuss the opportunities and challenges of working in government. On Friday, March 4, we continue to consider the promises and limits of cooperation, as well as the utilities of confrontation and conflict, among public and private actors. Topics include enabling access to justice, responding to environmental disasters, facilitating or discouraging migration, and encounters with the criminal justice system.

Our discussants are current and former members of government (in all the branches) as well as lawyers working for advocacy groups. Joining us are: Nan Aron (Alliance for Justice); Samuel Bagenstos (U.S. Department of Justice); Victor Bolden (City of New Haven); Jamie Fellner (Human Rights Watch); The Hon. Nancy Gertner (U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts); Michael Lawlor (State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management); Joanne Lin (American Civil Liberties Union); Anita Marton (Legal Action Center); Dennis Parker (American Civil Liberties Union); Jeffrey Robinson (NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund); Margo Schlanger (Department of Homeland Security); Virginia Sloan (The Constitution Project); Mark Templeton (Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Trust); Ashbel T. Wall, II (Rhode Island Department of Corrections); and Ron Weich (U.S. Department of Justice Office of Legislative Affairs). Yale Law School panelists include Fiona Doherty, Elizabeth Esty, Lucas Guttentag, Doug Kysar, Tracey Meares, Hope Metcalf, Judith Resnik, Jeffrey Selbin, Kate Stith, and Michael Wishnie. Also speaking will be current Liman Fellows Benji Plener (New Orleans Public Defender Office) and Sonia Kumar (ACLU of Maryland) and former Liman Fellows Lisa Daugaard (The Defender Association) and Eliza Leighton (CASA de Maryland).

For a full program, please click here.