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SELA 2011 Program

SELA 2011

June 9 – 12

San José, Costa Rica

Panels and Presenters:

The New Latin American Constitutionalism

                Carlos Portugal Gouvea:              Social Rights against the Poor (Portuguese) (English)
Samuel Tschorne:                           The Authoritarian Constitutional Tradition and 
                                                                               Chilean “Stability” 
(Spanish) (English)
Francisca Pou Giménez:              The Constitutionalization of Language Rights in 
                                                                                Latin America:  A Preliminary Discussion 
(Spanish) (English)

                Commentator:  Jorge Silvero

Sexuality and the Theory of Rights

                Verónica Undurraga:                     Variations of the “Non-demandability” Argument 
                                                                                for Legal Abortion and their Consequences for 
                                                                                Constitutional Decisions  
(Spanish) (English)
Neus Torbisco Casals:                   Beyond the Feminism vs. Multiculturalism Dispute
                                                                                 on Group Rights: Towards a Participatory 
Commentator:  Ángel Oquendo

Property Rights

                Claire Priest:                                    Creating an American Property Law (English)
Alejandro Madrazo Lajous:           Genes and TRIPs: “No Man’s Land” Revisited? 
(English) (Spanish)
Hiram Meléndez-Juarbe:               Technopolitics and Copyright Regulation 

                Commentator:  Ana Maria Nusdeo

Technological Innovations and Legal Orderings

                Chloé Georas:                                    The “Internet-museum” and Digital Debris 
Alfredo Bullard:                                  Law in Science Fiction (Spanish) (English)
Noah Novogrodsky:                            After AIDs (English) (Spanish)

                Commentator:  Carol Rose

Faith and Politics

               Peter Schuck:                                       The Influence of Religious Organizations on 
                                                                                    Government in the U.S. 
(English) (Spanish)
Fernando Atria Lemaitre:                 Living under Dead Ideas: Law as the Will of the People  
                                                                                        (Spanish) (English)                 

                Commentator:  Jaime Couso

Democracy Roundtable:                                     Authoritarian Populism  

                Javier Couso (Moderator)
                Roberto Gargarella
                Pedro Salazar Ugarte 
                Gonzalo Zegarra Mulanovich