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Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid

Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid is an Intellectual Property senior full time Professor of Law at Ono Academic College (OAC), Israel (Israel's largest Law School).  She is a Fellow at the Yale ISP since 2011. During 2012-2013 she is a Visiting Professor at Fordham Law N.Y. N.Y. teaching the course: “Beyond Intellectual Property - International and Comparative Aspects”.  While being also a Visiting Researcher at the Yale Law School, she has conducted two seminars at the Yale Law School: “Advanced Legal Studies” (VR Graduate Programs) and “Law and society in Israel: Contemporary Issues” (with JGAP).  Previous to visiting Yale Law School and while being there she gave lectures at leading universities and international organizations around the world such as Columbia University, American University, Washington D.C., Yale Law School, University of Lausanne Law School, Switzerland, the Marco Biagi Foundation, University of Modena, Italy and Warsaw, Poland.  She has also conducted her research as a visiting scholar and researcher at Cardozo Law School, Fordham Law School.  

From 2005 Prof. Yanisky – Ravid is also taking an active part and lecturing in the activities of International Organization, manly World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO), both in Geneva, Switzerland. Prof. Yanisky-Ravid completed her PhD in the direct program for outstanding students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  She conducted a major part of her PhD research at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law as scholarship recipient.  Her thesis concerned Rethinking Intellectual Property Rights of Creations and Inventions Developed by Employees. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Tel Aviv University cum laude and was on the Dean's List for each year of study, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, cum laude from Bar Ilan University and a Bachelor's Degree in Life Sciences, Bar Ilan University, cum laude, always ranked at one of the top students at her classes. Prof. Yanisky-Ravid is the winner of many prizes and grants:  the Minerva Center for Human Rights - International Center for Human Rights grant; Prize for Outstanding Researchers in Memory of Prof. Gadi Harel; the Lafer Center for Women’s and Gender Studies scholarship for outstanding researchers; the Silbert Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem grant for PhD thesis and the Van Calker Fund Research Grant, awarded to selected scholars by the SICL and the Max Plant Institute, Germany.In 2006 she founded and became the director of the Shalom Comparative Research Center at OAC, which is active in Israel, Switzerland and the U.S. The center promotes comparative research through academic activities by sponsoring and conducting comparative legal research and international seminars in cooperation with international institutes such as Fordham International Programs and U.N. organizations, and submits recommendations in the context of international conventions.   Prof. Yanisky-Ravid's research focuses on the International and comparative perspectives of Intellectual Property as well as the theoretical aspects, Equality as well as Employment and Labor Law.  Professor Yanisky-Ravid has been published articles in different stages in Israel and in the US, some of them won prizes and were defined as "path breaking".  Her forthcoming book (2012), titled "Intellectual Property at the Workplace", concerns the rights of authors and inventors with respect to IP works developed within the workplace.  She is the co-editor of some books, including "Discourses on Law Gender and Feminism" with Daphna Barak-Erez.  She recently published pioneering research on IP and gender, exposing the interaction between the gender analyses of patent laws and lack of accessibility of women to IP rights.  Her research also includes understanding Intellectual Property rights according to economic and social theories as well as rethinking the justifications to Intellectual Property. 

Prof. Yanisky-Ravid's research at the Yale Law School considers the question of the accessibility of persons with print disabilities to Intellectual Property products (with Margot Kaminski), Traditional Knowledge (mainly culture), Intellectual Property and Religion, Freedom of Association of workers from the entertainment field, Moral Rights and Right in Academic Works.  Over the past few years, she has continued researching and lecturing about novel topics related to Intellectual Property (IP), such as: theoretical justifications, IP ownership, employees' IP rights, incentive to invent and considerations, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) of IP conflicts, and IP and gender. She is about to further her research and publish her findings and analysis of such topics in a book addressing nontraditional topics which will be titled "Beyond Intellectual Property". The subjects of her work aim to influence reforms on local and international levels using international convention tools. 

Prof. Yanisky-Ravid is involved with policy making as the academic representative and member of the National Governmental Committee of Fair Trade in Israel; Board Member, Israel Association for Labor Law and Social Security; consultant to the Knesset (Parliament) Committee of Women's Rights and to Israel's Knesset Members and Deputy Minister for Women and Students; Member, Intellectual Property Law and Technology Forum, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem; committee chairperson for the Legislation Amendments Committee, the committee responsible for amendments in legislation, as a part of the Israel Bar Association as well as in the international level as, for example WIPO's member of the Inert- regional Experts of Traditional Knowledge.

Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid