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SELA 2012 Program

SELA 2012
June 7 - 10
Mexico City


Violence, Legitimacy, and Public Order

Keynote Speaker:    Tom Tyler  Legitimacy and the Maintenance of Public Order

Panel 1:                  Drugs and Violence

Julieta Lemaitre – The Influence of the War and Violence on Colombia’s 1991 Constitutional Assembly

Mariana Mota Prado – Police Reform in Violent Democracies in Latin America

Catalina Pérez Correa – Policing as a Federal Affair

Commentator: José Antonio Guevara

Panel 2:                 Poverty and Law

Ana Paula de Barcellos – Cash Transfer Programs and Their Possible Side Effects

Myrta Morales-Cruz – Lawyers and Social Movements: The story of the Puerto Rico "Zero Evictions" Coalition

Commentator: Gabriel Bouzat

Panel 3:                Institutionalized Marginalization

Jaime Couso – Indigenous Communities and State Criminal Law

James Forman Jr. – Minority Communities and the Criminal Justice System

Alejandro Madrazo – Criminal and Enemy in the Political Imagination of the War on Drugs

Commentator: Mónica González Contró

Panel 4:                The Institutions of a Working Democracy

José Luis Sardón – Democracy without Political Parties

Lucas Sierra – Supermajority Requirements for Laws as a Democratic Anomaly

Commentator: Roberto Gargarella

Panel 5:                 Liberalism and the Limits of State Regulation

Marcelo Alegre – A New Secularism

Lucas Grosman – Declaring the Criminalization of Drugs Unconstitutional: Implications and Complications

Commentator: Daniel Markovits

Panel 6:                    Roundtable on Mexico and Presidential Politics

Panel 7:                    North-South Dynamics in Legal Education

Muneer Ahmad – Development Lawyering

Daniel Bonilla – Between Equality and Subordination: Legal Clinics in the Global North and South

Isabel Cristina Jaramillo – Dynamics at Work in the Relationship between Law Faculties in the Global North and South

Jim Silk – From Empire to Empathy?  Clinical Collaboration Between the Global North and the Global South

Commentator: Ronaldo Porto Macedo