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SELA 2012 Papers and Program

SELA 2012
June 7 – 10
Mexico City

Violence, Legitimacy, and Public Order

Thursday, June 7    

    Keynote: Tom R. Tyler – Legitimacy and the Maintenance of Public Order

Friday, June 8

Panel 1 – Drugs and Violence  

Julieta Lemaitre – The Peace at Hand: War and Peace in Colombia’s 1991
     Constituent Assembly
 (Spanish) (English)
Mariana Mota Prado – Police Reform in Violent Democracies in Latin
 (English) (Spanish
Catalina Pérez Correa – Federalism and Community Security: Policing as a
     Federal Affair
(Spanish) (English)
Commentator: José Antonio Guevara

Panel 2 – Poverty and Law 

Ana Paula de Barcellos – Cash Transfer Programs and Their Possible Side
     Effects: The Brazilian Bolsa Familia Case
Myrta Morales-Cruz – Lawyers and “Social” Movements: The story of  the
     Puerto Rico "Zero Evictions" Coalition
Commentator: Gabriel Bouzat

Panel 3 – Institutionalized Marginalization    

Jaime Couso – Mapuche People and Criminal Law (Spanish) (English)
James Forman, Jr. – Racial Critiques of Mass Incarceration: Beyond the New
   Jim Crow
 (English) (Spanish)
Alejandro Madrazo – Criminal and Enemy in the Political Imagination of the
    War on Drugs
 (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Mónica González Contró

Saturday, June 9

Panel 4 – Liberalism and the Limits of State Regulation 

Marcelo Alegre – Secularism, Atheism and Democracy (Spanish) (English
Lucas Grosman – Drugs under the Constitution (Spanish) (English
Commentator: Daniel Markovits

Panel 5 –The Institutions of a Working Democracy 

José Luis Sardón – Democracy without Political Parties (Spanish) (English)
Lucas Sierra – Supermajority Legislative Requirements and the Constitutional
     Court in Chile
 (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Roberto Gargarella

Panel 6 – Democracy Roundtable

Presidential Politics and the Future of Democracy in Mexico

Panelists:        María Amparo Casar, Professor, CIDE, Commentator, Canal 11    
                         Ciro Murayama, Professor, UNAM, Columnist, La Crónica    
                          Isaac José Woldenberg Karakowski, Director, Nexos Magazine    
Moderator:    Karina Ansolabehere 

Sunday, June 10

Panel 7 – North-South Dynamics in Legal Education 

Muneer I. Ahmad – Development Lawyering: Toward a Critical  Pedagogy and
   Practice of Encounter
(English) (Spanish
Daniel Bonilla – Between Equality and Subordination: Legal Clinics in  the
    Global North and South
Isabel Cristina Jaramillo – Mapping Academic Exchanges: Beyond the North-
   South Divide
James Silk – From Empire to Empathy?  Clinical Collaboration Between  the
   Global North and the Global South
Commentator: Ronaldo Porto Macedo