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Fall 2011

Date Speaker
15-Sep Adam Samaha, University of Chicago Law School
|Paper |
13-Oct Clifford Ando,University of Chicago (Classics)
|Paper |Paper |
27-Oct Mary Dudziak, University of Southern California (Law and History)
10-Nov Lani Guinier and Gerald Torres,Harvard Law School and University of Texas School of Law
1-Dec David Estlund, Brown University (Philosophy)
|Paper |
15-Dec Tamar Schapiro, Stanford University (Philosophy)
|Paper |

Spring 2012

2-Feb Adam Tooze, Yale (History)
|Paper |
16-Feb David Cole, Georgetown (Law)
|Paper |
1-Mar Alexander Nehemas, Princeton (Philosophy) Canceled
22-Mar David Golove, NYU (Law)
|Paper |
5-Apr Canceled
19-Apr Eugene Volokh, UCLA (Law)
|Paper |

Barry Weingast, Stanford (Political Science)
|Paper |