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Program for SELA 2013

Human Rights:  Theoretical Possibilities and Practical Challenges

Thursday, June 6

Keynote:               David Dyzenhaus, Law as Public Conscience

Friday, June 7

Panel 1:                What are Rights? 

Marisa Iglesias -- A Margin of Appreciation Doctrine for the European Convention on Human Rights: In Search of a Balance between Democracy and Rights in the International Sphere  [Spanish] [English]
Samuel Tschorne -- Towards an Expressive Approach to Rights: Hart's Theory of Rights  [English] [Spanish]
Comments by Francisca Pou Gimenez 

Panel 2:                The Inter-American System of Rights

Aida Torres -- The Independence of International Human Rights Courts: The Case of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights [English] [Spanish]
Angel Oquendo -- The Politicization of Human Rights  [English] [Spanish]
Comments by Cristina Rodríguez

Panel 3:                The International Obligation for Accountability 

Jorge Contesse -- The New Last Word: Control of Conventionality and the Possibility The Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the “Duty of Conventionality” [Spanish]
Roberto Gargarella -- International Courts, Mass Crimes, and Democracy [Spanish] [English]
Comments by Carlos Rosenkrantz

Panel 4:                 The Corporation as Perpetrator

Béatriz Eugenia Sánchez & René Urueña -- Human Rights, Forced Displacement, and Development in Colombia: Consideration of the Impact of International Law on Domestic Policy [English]
Noah Novogrodsky -- Sideways Advocacy [English] [Spanish]
Comments by Carol Rose

Saturday, June 8

Panel 5:                    New Forms of Constitutionalism

Javier Couso -- Radical Democracy and the “New Latin American Constitutionalism” [Spanish] [English]
Julio César Guanche & Julio Antonio Fernández -- Rights and Guarantees in Cuba: Background and a Proposal [Spanish] [English]
Carlos Portugal Gouvêa -- The Managerial Constitution: Understanding What Works in the Constitutional Protection of Human Rights [English]
Comments by Viviane Neptune

Panel 6:                     Democratic Legitimacy 

Tom Tyler -- Achieving peaceful regime change: Why do losers consent? [English] [Spanish]
Fernando Muñoz -- The “Right of the People”: Plebeian Uprising in the Age of Its Technical Irreproducibility [Spanish] [English]
Gonzalo Zegarra -- Trust-Contract Democracy: Political Economy & Political Philosophy of the Social Contract and its Failures [Spanish] [English]
Comments by Diego Wernecke Arguelhes

Democracy Roundtable:     The Havana Peace Negotiations

Panelists:                         Sergio Jaramillo, High Commissioner for Peace
Juanita Léon, Director, La silla vacía
Angelika Rettberg, Professor  and Department Chair, Political 
Science Department, Universidad de los Andes
María Emma Wills, Center for National Memory

Moderator:                      Helena Alviar, Dean, Universidad de Los Andes School of Law

Sunday, June 9

Panel 7:                     Symbols of Justice and Injustice 

Esteban Restrepo -- Justice of Images, Justice through Images: A Few Notes to Consider the Relationship between Criminal Law and the Representation of Mass Atrocity [Spanish] [English]
Paulina Ochoa Espejo -- What Is Wrong With Border Fences? [English] [Spanish]
Comments by Bo Burt