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Now Accepting Applications

The YLS Linkage Program is a student exchange between Yale Law School and top law schools in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The program’s faculty directors are Professors Burt, Fiss, and Markovits. Students will meet with high level figures in the legal academy, practice, and government in addition to participating in academic activities with their Latin American counterparts. The purposes of the program are to impart a deeper understanding of legal and political structure of the country visited, a behind-the-scenes look at the style and role of legal education in it, and the kind of relationships that often develop during international travel. The Law School covers travel and living expenses.

Latin American students come to New Haven for three weeks starting the second week of classes in spring. The programs in Argentina and Chile take place at the beginning of summer and the program in Brazil takes place in August.

An information meeting with the faculty directors will be held Thursday, October 11, from 4:10 to 5:00 in room 120.

Program requirements include possessing or obtaining competence in Spanish or Portuguese, active participation in the host leg of the program, and attending short seminars during the spring semester to gain basic understanding of the legal systems in the countries to be visited. The application deadline is Monday, November 5.To apply, send a current résumé, a statement of interest mentioning the relevance of the program to past experience and professional and personal goals (no more than three double-spaced pages), and a current law school transcript (1L students are exempted from this requirement).For answers to questions or for more details, contact the program coordinator.