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Program for SELA 2014

SELA 2014

Twenty Years of SELA

Friday, June 20: The Evolution of Society

Panel 1: The Politics of Economics

Mariana Pargendler: Law and Economics in the South: the Role of Brazilian Courts (English) (Spanish)

Claire Priest:  The Stamp Act and American Institutional and Economic History (English)

Commentator: Francisco Saffie

Panel 2: Economic and Social Rights

Carlos Alzugaray: The Political Logic Behind the Process of “Updating the Economic Model in Cuba”

Fernando Atria: Social Contract, Social Rights, Socialism  (Spanish) (English)

Commentator: Rodolfo Figueroa

Panel 3: Strategies for Development

Ximena Benavides: Economic Development and State Owned Enterprises (English)

Rodrigo Polanco: Lessons Learned and Lessons to Be Learned: Investment Law and Development for Developed Countries (Spanish) (English)

Mariana Mota Prado: Institutional Bypasses in Brazil: Overcoming Ex-Ante Resistance to Institutional Reforms (English) (Spanish)

Commentator: Eleonora Lozano

Saturday, June 21: The Work of the Founders

Panel 4: Owen Fiss on the Modern Democratic State: Free Speech and Adjudication

Victor Ferreres: Arbitration, Democracy and the Rule of Law: Some Reflections on Owen Fiss’s Theory (Spanish) (English)

Carol Rose:  Owen, Me, and the Siege of Chicago (English) (Spanish)

Commentator: George Priest

Panel 5: Owen Fiss on Equality and Community

Lucas Grosman: Antisubordination and Beyond (English)

Roberto Saba:  The Legal Academy According to Owen Fiss (Spanish) (English)

Commentator:  Carlos Rosenkrantz

Panel 6: Robert Burt and the Dignity of the Individual Spirit

Mary Beloff & Laura Clerico: The Right to Dignity and Vulnerable Groups (Spanish) (English)

Laura Saldivia: The Right to Gender Identity in Argentina: Context, Originality, and the Need for World-Wide Promotion (Spanish)

Commentator: Martin Böhmer

 Panel 7: The Constitution in Conflict: Robert Burt and Judicial Supremacy

Marcio Grandchamp: Judicial Authority, Egalitarianism, and the Demands of Justice (English) (Spanish)

Pedro Salazar:  One Case, Four Postulates, and a Sincere Concern (With Regards Constitutional Justice in Mexico) (Spanish) (English)

Commentator: Pablo Ruiz-Tagle

Sunday, June 22: Rights at Risk

 Panel 8: Judges and Human Rights

Julieta Lemaitre: Civilization, Barbarism, and the War on Drugs: The Normalization of Violent Death in Mexico and Colombia  (Spanish)

Eliezer Gomes da Silva: Human Rights at the State Level: National Human Rights Institutions and Ministérios Públicos in Latin America – beyond the Paris Principles (Portuguese) (English) (Spanish)

Commentator: Alejandro Madrazo

Panel 9: Freedom of Expression and Collective Self-Government

Paula Ahumada: Freedom of Expression in Latin America: From Protecting Dissent to the Necessity of a Public and Robust Debate (Spanish) (English)

Mylai Burgos & Julio Cesar Guanche: Citizen Participation in the Cuban State (Spanish) (English)

Commentator: Eduardo Bertoni