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Professor Robert Post Delivers First Lecture in New Series on Free Expression

The China Law Center and Peking University kicked off a new lecture series in Beijing on May 18, 2007, with a lecture by YLS Professor Robert Post.  His address, part of a day-long program, was the first in a new series on “Information and Expression in a Transforming Society.”


 Post gives inaugural lecture on Open Information and Free Expression in Beijing

The series of public lectures, roundtable discussions, and debates will revolve around important questions about the role of open information and free expression in “transforming societies” like China.  The series hopes to address a range of critical, but sensitive questions, including the values served by free expression in creating an informed society, preventing misconduct, testing new ideas, promoting innovation, and protecting rights.  This the first series of its kind in China to focus directly on these important issues.


 YLS Professor Robert Post speaks with legal scholars and journalists at Peking University roundtable

Professor Post, the David Boies Professor of Law at YLS, delivered his public lecture on “The Circulation of Information” to students and faculty from many of Beijing’s top universities.  The event also included a roundtable discussion with a dozen of China’s leading media law and constitutional law scholars and journalists.  YLS Professor Reva Siegel and the Director of the China Law Center, Professor Paul Gewirtz, also participated.

The series will continue in 2008 with a planned lecture by Justice Anthony Kennedy of the U.S. Supreme Court.