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Bryan Townsend and Grace Hsieh Join the China Law Center in Beijing

Bryan Townsend, YLS Ď09, joined the China Law Center as a Summer Research Associate in Beijing on June 18.  While in China, Bryan will focus on preparations for the Centerís workshop and training on the application of precedent in the Jiangsu Province court system, to be held in Nanjing and Suzhou on July 18-21.  After the conference, Bryan will begin a project on disability law in China, with a specific focus on laws and policies that impact individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Prior to his studies at Yale Law, Bryan earned bachelorís degrees in economics, philosophy, and biology, and a masterís degree in economics from the University of Delaware, and a masterís degree in Chinese studies from the University of Cambridge.  His research interests include international law, corporate governance, environmental law, and Chinese legal reform.

Grace Hsieh, Yale College í07, joined the China Law Center as a Research Associate in Beijing on July 13.  Prior to joining the Center, Grace spent summer 2005 as a Yale University Light Fellow in Beijing and worked at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide in Beijing during the summer of 2006.  She received a bachelor of arts with distinction in humanities and international studies from Yale University in 2007.  Graceís research interests include international trade law, Chinese legal reform, international business, and corporate social responsibility.