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China Law Center Deputy Director and Professor John Simon Assist in the Launch of China’s First Non-Profit Organizations Legal Clinic

China Law Center Deputy Director Jamie Horsley and Yale Law School Professor John Simon visited Beijing in mid-September to help launch China's first Non-Profit Organizations Legal Clinic, being taught by Peking University Law School's Professor Jin Jinping.  The clinical part with students working with Chinese non-profit organizations (NPOs) will start after the students have completed the first month of the basic class on Chinese NPO Law.  Professor Jin has attracted more than 20 registered law students, and the class is open to students from other disciplines and universities.  Professor Simon, who teaches nonprofit law and runs a year-round NPO Clinic at Yale Law School, which Professor Jin took when she was a Visiting Scholar at Yale and through which she assisted an educational NPO obtain federal tax exemption, gave a series of lectures on NPO law and issues in the United States.

For a Chinese report on the Peking University meetings, see the China Trade Associations and Chamber of Commerce Website

Professor John Simon explains the legal framework for NPOs in the United States to Peking University students

Professor John Simon fields questions from Peking University students in the NPO Clinic