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Priscilla "Cilla" Smith

Priscilla (Cilla) Smith is Director of the Program for the Study of Reproductive Justice at the Information Society Project at the Yale Law School.  Prior to joining the ISP, Smith was an attorney with the Center for Reproductive Rights for 13 years, serving as the U.S. Legal Program Director from 2003-2007, and litigated cases nationwide, including Gonzales v. Carhart, 127 S. Ct. 1610 (2007), and Ferguson v. City of Charleston, 532 U.S. 67 (2001).  She conducts research and writes on privacy, reproductive rights and justice, and the information society.  Her papers, When Machines Are Watching: How Warrantless Use of GPS Surveillance Technology Violates the Fourth Amendment Right Against Unreasonable Searches, 121 The Yale Law Journal Online 177 (2011) (with Nabiha Syed, David Thaw and Albert Wong); Responsibility for Life:  How Abortion Serves Women’s Interest in Motherhood,” XVII Brooklyn Law Rev. 97 (2008); and Is the Glass Half Full?:  Gonzales v. Carhart and the Future of Abortion Jurisprudence, 2 Harv. L. and Pol’y Rev. Online (spring 2008), available at www.hlpronline.edu, are available at http://ssrn.com/author=790073.
Priscilla "Cilla" Smith