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2007-2008 Workshop Schedule

2007-2008 Schedule

The workshop meets from 4:10-5:40 p.m. in Room 121.
For further information, please contact
Deborah Sestito at (203) 432-4830 or deborah.sestito@yale.edu

Fall 2007

September 6
Professor Raj Chetty, University of California at Berkeley/Economics
Salience and Taxation: Theory and Evidence
September 27

Professor Deirdre McCloskey, University of Illinois at Chicago/Economics
How to Buy, Sell, Make, Manage, Produce, Transact, Consume with Words

October 11
Professor Abraham Bell, Bar Illan University/Law--Israel
Fordham University/ Law
Private Takings

November 1

Professor Glenn Loury, Brown University/Economics
Valuing Identity: The Simple Economics of Affirmative Action Programs (with Roland Fryer, Harvard)

November 15

Professor Dean Lueck, University of Arizona/Economics
The Rectangular Survey versus Metes and Bounds: Systematic and Unsystematic Land Demarcation (with Gary D. Libecap)
December 6

Professor Abraham Wickelgren, Northwestern University/Law
Credible Discovery, Settlement, and Negative Expected Value Suits

Spring 2008

Course requirements for registered students
LEO Course Requirements, Spring2008
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February7 Professor Tom Miles, University of Chicago/Law
Strategic Judging Under the Voting Rights Act (co-authored with Professor Adam Cox)
Judicial Decisionmakingandthe Transformationof Voting Rights Doctrine(co-authored with Professor Adam Cox)
February 21
Professor Erica Field, Harvard University/Economics
Muslim Family Law, Prenuptial Agreements and the Emergence of Dowry in Bangladesh(co-authored with Attila Ambrus and Maximo Terero)
March 6
Professor Michael Woodford, Columbia University/Economics
Principles and Public Policy Decisions: The Case of Monetary Policy
March 27
Professor Kathy Zeiler, Georgetown University/ Law
Do Insurer Reserving Practices Drive Liability Insurance Premium Cycles?: An Empirical Study at the Claim Level
April 10 C. Fritz Foley, Harvard University/Business
Welfare Payments and Crime
April 24 Professor Sendhil Mullainathan, Harvard University/Economics
Taking the Long Way Around: Real Consequences of Transport Corruption, joint with Simeon Djankov and Sandra Sequiera
May 8 Professor Todd Henderson, University of Chicago/Law
Rule 10b5-2 Trading Plan Disclosure Choice