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2006-2007 Schedule
Fall 2006

September21 Kim Lane Scheppele,Princeton University(Law & Public Affairs)
September28 David Barron,Harvard University(Law)
October4 George Fisher,Stanford University(Law)
October 18 Sam Bowles,Sante Fe Institute (Economics)
November 16 Otto Pfersmann,Universite de Paris I(Law)
December 14 Julia Adams,Yale University(Sociology)

Spring 2007

February 1 Virginia Held,City University of New York(Philosophy)
February 15 Joan Scott,Institute for Advanced Study(Social Science)
March1 Kerry Rittich, University of Toronto(Law)
March15 David Wilkins, Harvard University (Law)
April 5 Howard Bloch,Yale University (French)
April19 Karen Knop,University of Toronto(Law)
May 3 Thomas Sugrue,Univeristy of Pennsylvania(History, Sociology)