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SELA 2008

"Property Rights"
June 26-29, 2008

here for Schedule (PDF)

Panel I: The Property Label: To What it is Affixed, and Why?

Alfredo Bullard -Is Intellectual Property a Theft? (English / Spanish)
Carlos Rosenkrantz - Limitations to Property Rights under Conditions of Scarcity (English)
Mateo Taussig-Rubbo - Sacred Property (English / Spanish)

Lucas Sierra

Panel II: The Body as Property

Ana Paula de Barcellos - What is Behind the Meaning Attributed to the Expression “Property”? (English / Portuguese)
Lidia Casas -My Body is Not Really Mine? (English / Spanish
Lucas Grosman - The Body as Property and the Problem of Damages (Spanish / English)

Alejandro Madrazo

Panel III: The Distribution of and Access to Property: The Example of Land

Carlos Portugal Gouvea - Beyond Formalization of Entitlements: Innovations in Land Redistribution in Latin America (English / Spanish)
Erika Fontanez - The Contingency of Property Policies:  A Review of the Assumptions Related to the Political Theory of Property in the Contexts of Social and Environmental Justice in Puerto Rico (English / Spanish)
Helena Alviar - Redistributing Land in Latin America: Caught between Economic Development and Positivism (English / Spanish)

Carlos de Salles

Panel IV: Indigenous Rights and Private Property

Daniel Bonilla - Extra Legal Property, Legal Monism and Pluralism (Spanish / English)
Mauricio Del Toro - Contributions of the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to the Configuration of Collective Property Rights of Indigenous Peoples (English / Spanish)
Noah Novogrodsky - Less as More: The Struggle to Protect Communal Property in Belize (English / Spanish)
Marco Abarca

Panel V: Property Rights, Development and the Environment

Ana Maria Nusdeo – The Role of Markets and Property Rights in the Environmental Protection (English / Portuguese)
Carol Rose - Property Rights, Development Imperatives, and Environmental Protection (English / Spanish)
Michelle Ratton Sanchez - Property Regulation in the Natural Gas Sector in Bolivia: Impacts for Development? (English / Portuguese)

Enrique Pasquel