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Hannah Brennan

Hannah Brennan is J.D. candidate in the class of 2013 at Yale Law School. At Yale, she is the Co-Director of the Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, a national group that advocates for responsible university patent and licensing policies regarding medications and medical products. She is interested in the relationship between intellectual property rights law and access to medication and healthcare services both domestically and internationally. Hannah wrote her undergraduate thesis on the effects of the intellectual property rights stipulations of free trade agreements on access to medications and pharmaceutical industrialization in middle and low income countries. In the future, Hannah intends to research alternative patent regimes, such as medicine patents pools, as well as prize-oriented legislation for neglected tropical disease research. Prior to law school, Hannah completed a Fulbright Scholarship in Lima, Perú on labor and human rights abuses in the domestic housework industry. Hannah serves as an Comments Editor on the Yale Journal of International Law. She is also a member of the Worker & Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic.
Hannah Brennan