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Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy

When you visit the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, you will be leaving the main Yale Law School website.

Recent posts from the Center's blog.

News: Dan Esty Says Climate Change Deal Needs Grassroots Push
After two decades of international meetings on climate change have failed to reach consensus, the environmental world is beginning to sense a change in direction. The impacts of climate change no longer are being projected, they are being observed and measured, especially by those with the most to lose: corporations, cities and states.

Events: Diversifying Climate Leadership: Private Sector Engagement in Climate Change Mitigation
Burke Auditorium, Kroon Hall | 195 Prospect St., New Haven, CT

News: Map Monday: Global Pesticide Scorecard Launched
The prevalence of pesticides may seem like something of a bygone era, one marked by Silent Spring and the Bhopal Disaster, but the grim reality is that they are unfortunately very much around. Whether it is BPA in your water bottle or neonicotinoids decimating bee populations, action has not been uniform.

Events: Agriculture and Climate: The Forgotten ‘Wedge'
Room 128, Yale Law School | 127 Wall Street, New Haven, CT

News: Why Obama’s Challenge to China on Climate Change Is Too Little, Too Late
At the United Nations Climate Summit on Tuesday in New York, President Obama issued a strong challenge to the Beijing leadership. China and the US “have a special responsibility to lead” on climate change, he said. “It’s what big nations have to do.” Obama said he had talked directly with Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli at the summit (President Xi Jinping did not attend) and urged the two countries to work together to cut global greenhouse gas emissions.

Spotlight: 24 Hours of Reality: Discussion with Dan Esty and Maggie Grace

Vanessa Hauc interviews Professor Dan Esty and actress and activist Maggie Grace to see why they are hopeful about progress in renewables.

Click here to watch the video.

News: Bottom-Up Climate Fix
With a September 22 Op-Ed in the New York Times, YCELP Faculty Director Dan Esty proposes a new framework for "sealing the deal" on climate policy.