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Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy

When you visit the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, you will be leaving the main Yale Law School website.

Recent posts from the Center's blog.

Events: Agriculture and Climate: The Forgotten ‘Wedge'
Room 128, Yale Law School | 127 Wall Street, New Haven, CT

Events: Diversifying Climate Leadership: Private Sector Engagement in Climate Change Mitigation
Burke Auditorium, Kroon Hall | 195 Prospect St., New Haven, CT

Spotlight: 24 Hours of Reality: Discussion with Dan Esty and Maggie Grace

Vanessa Hauc interviews Professor Dan Esty and actress and activist Maggie Grace to see why they are hopeful about progress in renewables.

Click here to watch the video.

News: Bottom-Up Climate Fix
With a September 22 Op-Ed in the New York Times, YCELP Faculty Director Dan Esty proposes a new framework for "sealing the deal" on climate policy.

Blog: A Post-Communist Landscape: Mother Latvia and her Sustainable Countryside

In this guest post Avana Andrade, a second-year MEM candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental studies, writes about her summer in Latvia working for the Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) on its grasslands restoration project, VivaGrass.

News: Al-Omair lauds Kuwait's leap on '14 Environment Index
Minister of Oil and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Dr. Ali Al-Omair on Monday commended the significant improvement Kuwait had achieved on the 2014 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), moving up from rank 126 to 42, among total 178 countries.

News: Why It's Already Legal for Obama to Take On Climate Change Without Congress
News broke Wednesday that the Obama administration may propose a “politically binding” climate agreement at upcoming United Nations talks that would bypass the U.S. Senate, where the climate accord negotiated in Kyoto in 1997 famously went to die. The outcry among conservative members of Congress was immediate. House science committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) called it evidence that Obama “is willing to ignore the rule of law to get what he wants."