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Studying Law and Philosophy at Yale

Research Degrees
Members of the center may beavailable to supervise Ph.D.'s or J.S.D.'s in the philosophy of law. For more details consult:

Philosophy Department (Ph.D.)
Law School (J.S.D.)

Courses Offered

Fall 2013
Criminal Law and Administration, G. Yaffe
Justice,B. Ackerman
Theory of International Law,S. Shapiro

Spring 2014
Constitution:Philosophy,History,and Law, B. Ackerman
Drugs and the Criminal Law, G. Yaffe
Habermas and Rawls on Justice and Politics, S. Benhabib and T. Pogge
History of Political Philosophy from Groitus to Kant, S. Darwall, S. Shapiro and G. Yaffe
Introduction to the Philosophy of Law, S. Shapiro
Kant's Philosophy of Judgment, P. Kahn and A. Kronman