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2006 Schedule

Prof. Schultz & Prof. Gordon
Spring 2006
Mondays, 4:00-6:00 pm, Room 124


February 6

NELSON LICHTENSTEIN, History, UC Santa Barbara
Wal-Mart as the Template for 21st Century Capitalism: The Rise of Retailing as the Lynchpin of the Global Economy

Geography and Gender: The Origins and Reproduction of Wal-Mart's Managerial Culture

Supply-Chains, Workers' Chains and the New World of Retail Supremacy.

February 13 ALAN HYDE, Law, Rutgers

What is Labour Law?

February 20

NANCY FRASER, Political Science, The New School

Reframing Justice in a Globalizing World

February 27 DALTON CONLEY, Sociology, New York University

Family Background and Race over the Life Course

March 6 JACOB HACKER, Political Science, Yale University

The Politics of Risk Privatization in U.S. Social Policy

March 20 JACK DENNERLEIN, Harvard School of Public Health
The Epidemic of Musculoskeletal Disorder in the Modern Workplace

Fallentin, et al., Evaluation of Physical Workload Standards Guidelines from a Nordic Perspective
Punnett & Wegman, Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

March 27 SAMUEL BAGENSTOS, Law, Washington University in St. Louis

The Future of Disability Law

April 3 NICOLE RAEBURN, Sociology, University of San Francisco

Inside Out: The Struggle for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Rights in the Workplace

April 10 ANN ORLOFF, Sociology, Northwestern University

From Maternalism to "Employment for All"

April 17

ROLAND FRYER, Economics, Harvard University

The Simple Economics of Affirmative Action

April 24 KATIE QUAN, Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California at Berkeley

Women Crossing Borders to Organize