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Ben Peters

A Visiting Fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School and a recent PhD in Communications from Columbia University, Ben Peters is a young scholar in media and communication studies with an area specialty in Eastern Europe. His dissertation, "From Cybernetics to Cyber Networks: Norbert Wiener, the Soviet Internet, and the Cold War Dawn of Information Universalism," reclaims in Cold War cybernetics a longer tradition of digital media research with which to rethink the modern imagination and regulation of communication. Drawing on previously untapped archival materials from the Russian Academy of Sciences, it examines in particular why the Soviet Union, despite repeated attempts, did not develop its equivalent of the US-born Internet. As a postdoctoral fellow at Hebrew University for the 2010-2011 year, Ben will develop this book project while continuing to publish in the areas of new media history, global communication studies, and critical information studies. Recent publications--which include a bibliographic case for new media history, several articles on cybernetics, a chapter on search engines and the Muhammad cartoon controversy, working papers on the history of copyright, the digital commons, and other topics--can be found here: http://benpeters.blogspot.com/, or by request at bjpeters@gmail.com.

Ben Peters