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Current Projects

Since 1999, the Center has initiated and steadily expanded collaborative projects with a range of institutions and individuals in China, including the courts, administrative departments, the legislature, and leading universities, scholars, and lawyers. The Centerís current projects are focused on judicial reformadministrative law,  policy and regulatory reformcriminal law and procedureconstitutional law, and legal education.  Our projects promote the Center's mission in a variety of ways. 

  • Exchange and cooperation programs in areas of law and policy help promote Chinaís reform process, increase understanding about China in the U.S., and further improve China-U.S. relations.
  • The Centerís cooperative projects with key legal institutions and reformers in China provide us with unique opportunities to observe and analyze developments in Chinaís legal system.
  • An extensive program of publications, lectures, public testimony, and other outreach activities communicate our insights to policymakers, academics, and the broader public.
  • The Centerís support of research and training deepens the understanding of the Chinese legal system while increasing capacity in the United States for effective future interaction with China.

In combining cooperative law reform projects with research and education in a mutually reinforcing way, The China Law Center is playing a unique role, and its work has established a significant new channel between the China and the United States.

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