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Student Involvement

The Center supports and encourages participation and research by Yale Law School students as a way of fostering interest and knowledge of Chinese law and policy reform among the next generation of U.S. legal experts.

In addition to offering the Workshop on Chinese Legal Reform, our faculty supervise lawstudent papers during the academic year. We also actively assist YLS students with arranging summer work projects in China. Students who work with the Center enjoy unusually good access to materials and experts in China as a result of the relationships that the Center has established in China.

YLS students can apply to be Student Fellows, collaborating with China Center staff on a variety of legal reform and U.S.-China relations projects in cooperation with leading scholars, lawyers, officials, and other advocates in China.

Our most recent Student Fellows (2014-15) are:

Graham Downey, YLS 2016
Jenny Gu, YLS 2015
Mark Hanin, YLS 2017
Alex Holtzman, YLS 2016
Yue Huang, YLS 2017
Liz Leiserson, YLS 2017
Youlin Yuan, YLS 2017

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Yanan Peng, JSD Candidate