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Past Workshop Schedules

Past Workshop Schedules

Fall 2010
Spring 2010
Spring 2009
Fall 2008

Fall 2007
Spring 2007
Fall 2006
Spring 2006
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Fall 2004
Spring 2004
Fall 2003
Spring 2003
Fall 2002

Fall 2011 Semester

September 13: Introduction to Class, Professor Paul Gewirtz; and Katherine Wilhelm, Senior Fellow, Yale Law School and Beijing Director, The China Law Center, “Does China Need a Media Law?”

September 20: Jerome A. Cohen, Professor, New York University Law School, Director, US-Asia Law Institute, “Justice in China 100 Years after the Collapse of Qing Dynasty”

September 27: Henry Levine, Senior Vice President, Stonebridge International, and former U.S. Consul General, Shanghai, China, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia, “U.S.-China Economic Relations:  Current Trends and Implications” 

October 4: Benjamin Liebman, Robert L. Lieff Professor of Law; Director of the Center for Chinese Legal Studies, Columbia Law School, "Law in the Shadow of Protest:  Medical Malpractice Litigation in China"    

October 11: Daniel H. Rosen, Professor, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, &Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International          Economics, “China Investment into the United States”

October 18: Joseph Fewsmith, Professor of Political Science, Boston University, “"Blurring the Lines: The Logic and Limits of Political Reform in China"”

October 25: He Xin, Professor of Law, City University of Hong Kong, “Judicial Innovation and Local Politics: Judicialization of Administrative Governance in East China”

November 1: John Balzano, Senior Research Scholar and Lecturer in Law, Yale Law School; Senior Fellow, The China Law Center, “Effectiveness & Accountability in the Implementation of China’s Food Safety Law”

November 8: Wang Xixin, Professor and Vice Dean, Peking University Law School, “Reflections on the Development and Impact of Administrative Transparency in China”

November 15: Zhu Suli, Professor and Former Dean, Peking University Law School; Visiting Professor, Cornell Law School, “The Current Legal, Judicial and Political Controversy Over the Death Penalty in China”

November 22: NO CLASS-Thanksgiving break

December 2: Nicholas C. Howson, Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School, "Enforcement Without Foundation? -- China's Insider Trading Regime and the Abuse of Administrative Law" (changed from November 29)

December 6: Andrew Mertha, Associate Professor of Government, Cornell University, “Society in the State”

December 13: Paul Gewirtz, Yale law School, “The Taiwan Relations Act and U.S.-China Relations”

Fall 2010 Semester

September 7 Introduction to China’s Legal System (Gewirtz, Horsley, Webster) 

September 14: Jamie P. Horsley, Senior Research Scholar and Lecturer-in-Law, Yale Law School, “The Promise and Challenge of Open Government in China”

September 21: Justice Roberto Ribeiro, Court of Final Appeal, Hong Kong, “The Development of Human Rights Law in Hong Kong Since 1997” 

October 1: (in lieu of September 28) Professor Jerome A. Cohen, YLS ’55, NYU Law School, "Taiwan's Impressive Struggle for the Rule of Law and Human Rights:Relevance for China" (SPECIAL TIME, 12 noon; AND LOCATION, SLB Room 128) 

October 5: Professor Donald C. Clarke, George Washington University Law School, “The Relationship between the WTO and China’s Domestic Economic Regulation” 

October 12: Liu Fengming, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Microsoft China, “China's Intellectual Property Rights Protection Regime” 

October 19: Professor Edward S. Steinfeld, MIT Department of Political Science, “Playing Our Game: Why China’s Rise Doesn’t Threaten the West” 

October 26: Professor Margaret Lewis, Seton Hall University School of Law, “The Exclusionary Rule in China” 

November 2 Stephen Roach, Senior Lecturer, Yale School of Management, Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, “The Next China”

November 9: Students are requested to attend a lecture by Nobel Laureate Dr. Paul Krugman at Sprague Memorial Hall (470 College Street) at 4:00 PM.

November 16: Doctor Nicholas Bequelin, Senior Researcher, Human Rights Watch 


November 30: Ambassador Jeffrey A. Bader, Senior Director for Asian Affairs, National Security Council 

December 7: Professor Carl Minzner, Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, “Law and Judging in Chinese Courts”

December 14: Professor Mary Gallagher, University of Michigan Department of Political Science, “Recent Chinese Reforms in Labor and Employment”

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Spring 2010 Semester (Gewirtz, Horsley, Prescott)

January 25: Introductory Session -- Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley, Jeffrey Prescott, Timothy Webster 

February 2: Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series with Professor Jerome A. Cohen '55 
                    Part I: Taiwan's Developing Rule of Law and Its Significance for China: 50 Years of Personal Experience (Class will meet in Faculty Lounge) 

February 9: Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series with Professor Jerome A. Cohen '55 
                   Part II: Law's Role in China's Economic Development: Present at the Creation (Class will meet in Faculty Lounge)

February 16: No Session--Special Event To Be Announced Later in the Term 

February 23: Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series with Professor Jerome A. Cohen '55 
                   Part III: Participating in the Growth of China's Legal System: Scholarly, Pro Bono and Journalistic Efforts (Class will meet in Faculty Lounge) 

March 2: Benjamin Heineman, Harvard Law School (former General Counsel and Senior Vice President, General Electric) "Doing Business in China: Legal and Ethical Issues" 

March 9: Sida Liu, University of Wisconsin, "Politics in Everyday Work: Motivations and Coping Strategies of Chinese Criminal Defense Lawyers" 

March 16: No Session--Spring Recess 

March 23: Nicholas Bequelin, Human Rights Watch, "Lawyers and Human Rights in China: Pioneers, Agents and Victims" 

March 30: Rangita de Silva-de Alwis, Wellesley College, "New Developments in Gender-Based Legal Reform: Exciting Opportunities and Emerging Challenges, 15 Years after the Beijing Conference" 

April 6: J. Stapleton Roy, Director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (former U.S. Ambassador to China), "China at a Turning Point" 

April 13: Jeffrey Bader, Asia Director, National Security Council, White House 

April 20: Susan Shirk, University of California, San Diego (former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State), "The Institutionalization of Leadership Politics in China" 

April 27: Ruoying Chen, University of Chicago Law School, "China's Developing Property Law: Informal Sales of Rural Housing" 

Spring 2009 Semester (Gewirtz, Horsley, Prescott)

January 27:  Introduction to the Workshop, Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley & Jeffrey Prescott 

February 3:  Jerome Cohen, Professor, New York University Law School and Co-Director, NYU's US-Asia Law Institute: “Legal Controls on Police Power to Detain: Recent Experience from China and Taiwan” 

February 10:  Cheng Li, Senior Fellow, Brooking Institution’s John L. Thornton China Center and Professor, Hamilton College: “China’s Emerging Generation of Leaders: Trajectory for the Future” 

February 17:  Benjamin Liebman, Professor, Columbia University Law School: “Return to Populist Legality? Historical Legacies and Legal Reform” 

February 24:  Daniel H. Rosen, Professor, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, & Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics, “What Just Happened to China’s Economy, and What Will It Look Like in 10 Years?” 

March 3:  Nicholas C. Howson, Professor, University of Michigan Law School: “Competence, Autonomy and Independence - Company Law Adjudication in the Shanghai Courts 1992-2008” 

March 10:  Wang Chenguang, Professor, Tsinghua University Law School: “30 Years Journey Toward Rule of Law in China” 


March 24:  Deborah Davis, Professor of Sociology, Yale University, "Conjugal Property Rights in Post-Socialist China" 

March 31:  Teemu Ruskola, Professor, Emory Law School and Law and Public Affairs Fellow, Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton University: “China, For Example: China and the Making of Modern International Law” 

April 7:  William C. Kirby, Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and of China Studies at Harvard University: “Chinese Universities in the 21st Century: Challenges for Professional and Liberal Education” 

April 14:  Yasheng Huang, Associate Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management: “Rethinking Reforms in China” 

April 24:  SPECIAL PROGRAM (Friday, April 24, instead of Tuesday, April 21): Sentencing Reform in China, with Chen Ruihua, Professor, Peking University Law School, and 4 judges undertaking pilot experiments in sentencing reform in China 

April 28:  John Kamm, Executive Director, The Dui Hua Foundation: “Issues and Cases: A Dialogue with China on Human Rights” 

May 5:  Wang Xixin, Professor, Peking University Law School: “Creating Administrative Law in China” (class cancelled)

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Fall 2008 Semester (Gewirtz, Horsley, Prescott)

September 9:  Jeffrey Prescott, Deputy Director, The China law Center, “Public Interest Law in Post-Olympic China” 

September 16:  Orville Schell, Director, Asia Society Center on U.S.-China Relations, “China and Climate Change” 

September 23:  Carl Minzner, Professor, Washington University Law School, “Cadre Responsibility Systems: Legalist Core of Chinese Governance” 

September 30:  Jacques DeLisle, Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School, “Legalization without Democratization” 

October 7:  Allison Moore, Vietnam Country Director, American Bar Association, “Comparing Legal Reform in China and Vietnam” 

October 14:  Tong Lihua, Director, Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center and Beijing Legal Aid Working Station for Migrant Workers, “Public Interest Law in China: A Practitioner's Perspective” 

October 21:  NO CLASS 

October 28:  Joseph Fewsmith, Professor, Boston University, "Innovation and Institutionalization in Local Government" 

November 3:  SPECIAL PROGRAM IN LIEU OF NOVEMBER 4 CLASS: Ma Jun, “The Role of NGOs in Shaping China’s Green Practice and Environmental Policy,” 2:30-5:30 PM, FES, Bowers Auditorium, 205 Prospect St. (attendance recommended but not required)

November 11:  Dr. Jingxia Shi, Professor of Law, China University of International Business & Economics (UIBE), "An Insider's View on China's Enterprise Bankruptcy: Legislation, Implementation, and Problems"

November 18:  Ambassador Stapleton Roy, Director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States; Senior Adviser, Kissinger Associates, “Reflections on 30 Years of Reform and Openness, Thoughts on the Next Thirty” 

November 25:  Zhang Jingjing, Director of Litigation, Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims, “Water Pollution and Environmental Practice in China” 

December 2:  Henry Levine, Senior Vice President, Stonebridge International, and former U.S. Consul General, Shanghai, China, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia, “China, Market Access, and WTO Rules” 

December 9:  Douglas Paal, Vice President for Studies, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former Director, American Institute in Taiwan (2002-2006), “Institutionalizing Democracy in Taiwan” 

December 16:  Alex Wang, Director, China Environmental Law Project, Natural Resources Defense Council, “Fixing China's Environmental Governance" 

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Fall 2007 Semester (Gewirtz, Horsley, Prescott, Kellogg)

September 10:  Introduction to the Workshop

September 17:  Preston Torbert, Partner, Baker & McKenzie, “American Corporate Compliance Meets Chinese Corporate Governance: Lessons in Applied Comparative Law”

September 24:  Dr. Yasheng Huang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Entrepreneurship in China and Private Sector Development”

October 1:  Dr. Yang Guohua, Counselor for Intellectual Property, Chinese Embassy to the United States, “Understanding IP Protection in China”

October 8:  Christina Ho, Country Director, Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative China Program, “'Technical Assistance in China's Health Care System: Lessons from the Clinton Foundation and Implications for Administrative Reform and Development”

October 15:  Professor Kang Zhengguo, Senior Lector of Chinese, Yale University East Asian Languages and Literatures Department, “Confessions: An Innocent Life in Communist China”

October 22:  NO CLASS - Fly-back week

October 29:  Donald Clarke, George Washington University Law School, “The Institutional Environment of Chinese Corporate Governance”

November 5:  Jerome Cohen, Professor, NYU School of Law, “The Struggle for Criminal Justice in Taiwan and the Mainland”

November 15 (Thursday):  Ambassador Clark T. Randt, U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, “Rule of Law in China and the Critical Role of the United States Embassy’s Rule of Law Advisor”

November 19:  Natalie Lichtenstein, “The Role of Law in China's Economic Development”

November 26:  Ethan Michelson, Sociology Department, Indiana University, “The Role of Lawyers in Chinese Legal Reform”

December 3:  Pu Zhiqiang, Partner, Beijing Huayi Lawyers, “Media, Expression, and Law in China: Recent Developments”

December 10:  Neysun Mahboubi, “Suing Government in China”

December 17:  Last Class: Teng Biao, China University of Political Science and Law, “Revisions to the Lawyer's Law and Legal Practice in China”

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Spring 2007 (Gewirtz, Horsley, Kellogg)

January 29: Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley and Thomas Kellogg (Yale Law School): Introduction

February 5: Ernesto Zedillo (former President of Mexico, currently Director, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization): “China, the WTO and Globalization”

February  12: Mo Shaoping (leading Chinese criminal defense lawyer and human rights advocate): “Death Penalty Reforms in China”

February 19: J. Stapleton Roy (former U.S. Ambassador to China and Indonesia, currently Managing Director, Kissinger Associates, Inc.): “China: Emerging Prospects and Challenges”

February 26: Wendy Zhang (Assistant Director, Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center): “Public Interest Law in China: the Role of Non-Profit Organizations”

March 5: Professor Zhou Hanhua (Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences):  “Cross-border Privacy Regulation in China”

March 12: NO CLASS [replaced by April 13 event]


March 26: Professor Edward S. Steinfeld (Department of Political Science, MIT):  “Playing Our Game:  The Governance of China's Oil and Gas Majors”

April 2: Professor Sun Zhongxin (Department of Sociology, Fudan University): "Women, Gender, and Sexuality: Understanding Equality Issues in China"

April 11, Wednesday, Room 128: Professor Xu Zhiyong (Humanities and Law School, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications; Deputy, Haidian District People’s Congress, Beijing; Director, Open Constitution Initiative), discussing new cases and legal issues with which he has been involved in China

April 13: 11:00 AM -- 6:00 PM Bernstein Human Rights Symposium, co-sponsored by The China Law Center and the Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights:

     (i)   A Conversation between Jerome Cohen (Professor of Law, NYU Law School) and Jonathan Spence (Sterling Professor of History, Yale University); Paul Gewirtz, Moderator

     (ii)   “Strategies for Using Law and Reforming Law to Protect Rights in China”, Xu Zhiyong (see April 9 schedule), Zhou Dan (gay rights legal advocate), Titi Liu (Ford Foundation); Jeffrey Prescott, Moderator

     (iii)    “Critical Perspectives on the Impact of Legal Advocacy and Reform Strategies,” Professor Fu Hualing (University of Hong Kong Law School), Nicholas Becquelin (Human Rights Watch), Elizabeth Perry (Harvard University) [invited]; Orville Schell (Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley), Moderator

April 16: Sidney Rittenberg (President, Rittenberg & Associates; faculty, Chinese Studies Program, Pacific Lutheran University):  “A 60-Year China Odyssey”

April 23: Professor Douglas B. Grob (Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland): “Legalizing the Local State: The Politics of Grassroots 'Legality' in Contemporary China”

 April 30: Professor James V. Feinerman (Director, Asian Law and Policy Studies, Georgetown University Law Center): “Corporate Governance Reform in China”

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Fall 2006 (Gewirtz, Horsley, Kellogg)

September 8:  Introduction (Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley and Tom Kellogg, The China Law Center)

September 15:   Jamie Horsley, Deputy Director, The China Law Center: “Open Government in a Closed Political System? -- The Development of Public Participation in Chinese Government Rulemaking”

September 22:   Minxin Pei, Senior Associate and Director, China Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, "Managing Social Conflict in China: The Role of Law"

September 29:    Zhou Dan, Shanghai-based lawyer and Director of Yu Dan Organization, “Imagining Gaylaw in China”

October 6:    Jerome A. Cohen, Professor, New York University School of Law and Adjunct Senior Fellow for Asia, Council on Foreign Relations:  “Chinese Lawyers: Past, Present and Future?”

October 13:   William Farris, Senior Counsel, Congressional-Executive Commission on China, “Regulation of the Media in China”
October 20:   NO CLASS

October 27:   Fall Break; NO CLASS

November 3:    Nico Howson, Professor, University of Michigan Law School,  "The Doctrine That Dared Not Speak Its Name: Anglo-American Fiduciary Duties in China's 2005 Company Law and Case Law Intimations of Prior Convergence"

November 10:  Eva Pils, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, “Asking the Tiger For His Skin: Rights Activism in China”         

November 17:  Tom Kellogg, Senior Fellow, The China Law Center, “Campus and the Courts: Legal Approaches to Academic Freedom and University Autonomy in China”  

November 24:  Thanksgiving Holiday; NO CLASS

November 30, THURSDAY, 4:10-6PM, Faculty Lounge: Wan Exiang, Vice President of Supreme Court,  “Judicial Reforms in China”                 

December 8:   Merle Goldman, Professor of History, Boston University, Senior Fellow, John K. Fairbank Center, Harvard University, “From Comrade to Citizen: the Struggle for Political Rights in China.”

December 11, MONDAY, 4:10-6PM, Room:TBD:  Wang Yongqing, Vice Minister of the State Council's Office of Legislative Affairs, "Legal Reform in China."

December 20:  Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley and Tom Kellogg, “The Recent Work of The China Law Center”

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Spring 2006 (Gewirtz, Horsley, Hand)

January 24:  Introduction to Workshop and The China Law Center, Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley, and Keith Hand

January 31:  Professor Roderick MacFarquhar, Harvard University Department of Government, “China: Lost in Transition”

February 7:   Professor Benjamin Liebman, Columbia University Law School, “Judges Becoming Judges? Judicial Innovation in China”

February 10: Professor Kevin O’Brien, University of California at Berkeley, Professor of Political Science and Chair, Center for Chinese Studies, “Rightful Resistance in China.”   

February 21:   Ambassador Stapleton Roy (former U.S. Ambassador to China and Indonesia), currently Managing Director, Kissinger Associates, Inc., “China's Rise: Implications for US-China Relations.”

February 28: Professor Cheng Li, Hamilton College Department of Government, “Hu’s Choice: Populism or Constitutionalism?”
March 7:  Patrick Norton, Esq., Partner, O’Melveny & Myers, “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Minefield for U.S. Companies in China”

March 21:   Dr. Murray Scot Tanner, The RAND Corporation, “China’s Law Enforcement System and its Impact on Prospects for Rule by Law”
March 28:  Dr. Albert Keidel, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, “China’s 30 Years of Boom and Bust – Privilege Meets Productivity”

April 4:  Professor Donald Clarke, George Washington University School of Law, “China’s New Securities Law”

April 11:  Professor and Vice Dean Wang Xixin, Peking University Law School, “Recent Developments in Administrative Law in China”

April 18 Kevin Czinger (YLS ‘87) Partner, San Shan, “Investing in China’s Regulated Industries”
April 25:  Professor Fu Hualing, the University of Hong Kong, Visiting Professor at the University of Washington School of Law (2006), “The Myth of Prosecuted Lawyers”

May 2:  Keith Hand, Senior Fellow and Lecturer in Law, Yale Law School, “Using a Law for a Righteous Purpose: The Sun Zhigang Incident and Evolving Forms of Citizen Action in the People’s Republic of China”

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Fall 2005 (Gewirtz, Horsley, Hand)

September 6: Introduction (Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley and Jeffrey Prescott, The China Law Center)

September 13:  Jamie Horsley, Deputy Director, The China Law Center: “Open Information and Governance Reform in China”

September 20:  Chief Justice Andrew Li, Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal: “‘One Country, Two Systems’ After Eight Years”

September 27:   Henry Levine, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce; former U.S. Consul-General, Shanghai: "China, Market Access, and WTO Rules"

October 4:   Bates Gill, Freeman Chair in Chinese Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies: “China’s HIV/AIDs Crisis: Sociopolitical Challenges and Policy Responses”

October 11:  Keith Hand, Senior Fellow, The China Law Center (as of October 1), and former Senior Counsel, Congressional-Executive Commission on China: “Recent Wrongful Conviction Cases in China and Their Impact on Criminal Justice Reform” 
October 18:  Mary Gallagher, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan: “Mobilizing the Law in China”

November 1:   Carl Minzner, Senior Counsel, Congressional-Executive Commission on China: “Xinfang: ‘Letters and Visits’ As an Alternative to the Formal Legal System” 
November 8: Kevin J. O’Brien, Professor of Political Science and Chair, Center for Chinese Studies, University of California at Berkeley: “Rightful Resistance in Rural China” [postponed to 2006]

November 15:  Wang Juntao, Political Science Department, Columbia University: “The Future of Political Reform in China” 

November 29:  Jerome Cohen, Professor of Law, NYU Law School:  “Law and Political Transitions: Lessons from East Asia and the Road Ahead for China”

December 6:  Neysun Mahboubi, Fellow, The China Law Center: "Administrative Law and Political Reform in China"
December 13: Benjamin Read, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Iowa: “China's Homeowners' Organizations”

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 Fall 2004 (Gewirtz, Horsley, Hecht)

September 7  Introduction (Paul Gewirtz, Jonathan Hecht, and Jamie Horsley)

September 14 Ira Belkin, former Resident Legal Advisor, U.S. Embassy Beijing; Federal Prosecutor; Fellow, The China Law Center, “What is the Proper Role of the U.S. in Promoting Legal Reform in China?”

September 21 Professor Wang Liming, Vice Dean, Renmin University Law School; Deputy to 10th National People’s Congress; Visiting Scholar, The China Law Center, “The Achievements and Prospects of Court Reform in China.”

September 28 Professor Xu Zhiyong, Humanities and Law School, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications; Deputy, Haidian District People’s Congress, Beijing; Lawyer in Sun Zhigang case and Southern Metropolitan Daily case; Visiting Scholar, The China Law Center, “The Southern Metropolitan Daily Case and Freedom of Speech in China.”

October 5 Keith Hand, Esq., Senior Counsel, Congressional-Executive Committee on China, “Land Takings in China.”

October 12 Supreme People’s Court Chief Justice Xiao Yang, “Judicial Reform in China.”

October 19 Professor Liu Renwen, Senior Research Fellow, Law Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Visiting Scholar, The China Law Center, “Limiting Police Power in China.”

November 2 Professor Randall Peerenboom, University of California Los Angeles Law School, “Judicial Independence and Judicial Accountability: Preliminary Thoughts on Our Empirical Study of Individual Case Supervision.”

November 9 Rangita de Silva de Alwis, Esq., Director of International Programs, The Spangenberg Group, “Protecting Women’s Rights in China.” 

November 16 Professor Jerome A. Cohen, New York University Law School, “Arbitration of International Business Disputes With China: Can China Establish Independent Adjudication Institutions?”

November 30 Professor Patrick S. Randolph, Edwin E. Pierson Professor of Law, UMKC School of Law; Visiting Professor, USC Law School, “Property Rights in China.”

December 7 Ambassador James Lilley, Fellow, American Enterprise Institute; former; U.S. Ambassador to China and to Korea;  former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Affairs;  former Director, American Institute in China, “U.S.-China Relations and American Foreign Policy.”

December 14 Professor Frank Upham, NYU Law School, “Law and Judges in Chinese Rural Society: The Writing of Zhu Suli”

December 21 Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley, Jonathan Hecht, “The Recent Work of The China Law Center.” 

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Spring 2004 (Gewirtz, Horsley, Hecht)

January 27: Introduction (Paul Gewirtz, Jonathan Hecht and Jamie Horsley)

February 3: Professor Cheng Jie, Tsinghua University Law School and Fulbright Fellow, Yale Law School 2003-2004, "Open Government Reform in China and its Constitutional Significance."

February 10: Ambassador Stapleton Roy (former U.S. Ambassador to China and Indonesia); currently Managing Director, Kissinger Associates, Inc., "Perspectives on China: Is it Heading for Success or for Failure."

February 17: Professor Yu Ping, Jiaotong University Law School (Shanghai, China) and New York University Law School, "Reforming Administrative Detention in China."

February 24 No class.

March 2: Professor David Michael Lampton, George and Sadie Hyman Professor of China Studies and Director of the China Studies Program, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. "China’s New Look Foreign Policy."

March 9: Zhou Dan, Esq., Richard Wang & Co. Law Offices (Shanghai, China), "Gay and Lesbian Rights in China."

March 16: Spring Break

March 23: Andrea Worden, Fellow, The China Law Center, Yale Law School, "The Limits of Rule of Law in China and Human Rights Diplomacy: The Yang Jianli Case."

March 30: Jeffrey Prescott (YLS ‘97), Fellow, The China Law Center, Yale Law School, and Visiting Scholar, Peking University Law School, "China's New Public Interest Activists."

April 6: Guo Liang, Associate Professor of the Institute of Philosophy and Deputy Director of the Centre for Studies in Social Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, "The Growth of the Internet and its impact on public opinion in China."

April 13: Professor Alan Wachman, Associate Professor of International Politics, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, "Taiwan's Presidential Election: The Outcome and Possible Consequences."

April 20: Gordon Davis, Esq., American Bar Association U.S.-China Environmental Governance Program, "Promoting Good Governance in Environmental Decision-making in China."

April 27: Professor Walter Hutchens, Assistant Professor, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, "Three Exhibits in China’s Jurassic Park: China’s Rules on IPOs, Private Securities, Litigation and Charitable Trusts."

May 4: Paul Gewirtz, Jonathan Hecht, Jamie Horsley, "The Recent Work of the China Law Center."

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Fall 2003 (Gewirtz, Horsley, Hecht)

September 9: Introduction (Paul Gewirtz, Jonathan Hecht and Jamie Horsley)

September 17: Ambassador Clark T. Randt, Jr., U.S. Ambassador to China, "U.S.-China Relations and Rule of Law Developments”

September 23: Anna H. Y. Wu, Advisor, Law Faculty of Shantou University; formerly Chairperson of the Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission, “The Development of Civil Society in China” 

September 30: Dr. Wan Yanhai, Director, Aizhi Action Project; World Fellow, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, "HIV/AIDS, Law, and Human Rights in China"

October 7:Alan Romberg, Senior Associate and Director, China Program, The Henry L. Stimson Center; formerly Deputy Director, Office of Policy Planning, U.S. Department of State, “U.S. China Policy: The Taiwan Dilemma”

October 14:  Professor Benjamin Liebman, Director, Center for Chinese Legal Studies, Columbia Law School, “The Media and the Chinese Legal System”                                                                                                     

October 21: Fall Break

October 28: Keith Hand, Congressional-Executive Commission on China, “The Sun Zhigang Case and the Abolition of Custody and Repatriation”

November 4: Jonathan Hecht, Deputy Director, The China Law Center, “Reforming Reeducation through Labor”

November 11: Dr. Elizabeth C. Economy, C.V. Starr Fellow and Director in Asian Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, “The River Runs Black: Environmental Challenges in China”

November 18: Professor Jerome Cohen, N.Y.U. Law School, “Criminal Justice and Criminal Defense in China” 

November 25: Professor Zhou Qiren, Beijing University’s Center for Economic Research and Visiting Scholar, The China Law Center, “The Rights to Transfer: Legal Delimitation and Capture Behavior--A Study on Recent China Land System” (to be confirmed) 

December 5: Vice Minister Li Shishi, State Council Legislative Affairs                                   

December 12: Professor Helen Siu, Yale Department of Anthropology, “Uncivil Urban Spaces in Post-Reform South China”

December 16: Special Wrap-up meeting

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Spring 2003 (Gewirtz, Horsley, Hecht)

January 28: Introduction, administration (Paul Gewirtz, Jonathan Hecht & Jamie Horsley)

February 4: Minxin Pei, Senior Associate and Co-Director of the China Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, on "China's Governance Crisis"

Februay 11: Professor Fang Liufang of China University of Politics and Law, Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School, on "Kung Sze -- The Interpretation of Its Historical, Legal and Linguistic Meaning"

February 18: Margaret Ng, Hong Kong Legislator, on "Hong Kong at a Cross-roads: Anti-Subversion Legislation and Its Implications for the Future of Constitutional Rights and the Rule of Law" (Room 120)

March 4: Professor Chen Zhiwu, Yale School of Management, on "Media Defendants in the Chinese Courts"

March 11: Professor Joseph Fewsmith, Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Director of the East Asia Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Boston University, on "Political Succession: Changing Guards and Changing Rules"

March 18: No Workshop/Spring Break

March 25: Professor Zhang Qi, Professor of Law, Beijing University Law School, on "Keeping Pace with the Evolving Society----The Development of A Precedent System in China"

April 1: Nicholas Howson, Partner, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, on "Corporate Governance and Shareholders' Private Right of Action in China"

April 8: Professor Pierre Landry, Yale University, Department of Political Science, on "Membership in Social Organizations and the Demand for Legal Reform in Late Socialist China" (date to be confirmed)

April 15: Professor Margaret Pearson, University of Maryland, on "Emergence of the New Regulatory State in China"

April 22: James McGregor, former head of Dow Jones in China, on "Resolving Business Disputes in Regulated Industries"

April 29: Professor Benjamin Liebman, Columbia Law School (topic to be confirmed)

May 6: Jamie P. Horsley, Associate Director and Lecture-in-Law, The China Law Center, Yale Law School on "China's New Open Government Information Legislation"

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Fall 2002 (Gewirtz, Horsley, Hecht)

September 10: Introduction, administration (Paul Gewirtz, Jonathan Hecht & Jamie Horsley)

September 17: Hong Kong Chief Justice Andrew Li on "The Hong Kong-Mainland Legal Relationship."

September 24: Professor Wang Xixin, Beijing University Law School, on "Public Participation in the Regulatory Process"

October 1: Professor Sharon Hom, Acting Executive Director of Human Rights In China, on "Human Rights in China"

October 8: Robert Cassidy, former Deputy USTR for negotiations on China's accession to the World Trade Organization, on "China and the WTO Agreements"

October 15: Professor Deborah Davis, Yale Department of Sociology, on "The Grounded Logic of Property Ownership"

October 22: No Yale Law School classes this week

October 29: Professor Xu Xianming, China University of Politics and Law, on "The Ethics of and Oversight over the Judiciary"

November 5: Ambassador James Lilley, American Enterprise Institute (former Ambassador to China and South Korea, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Affairs and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs), on "U.S. Policy toward China"

November 12: Professor William Alford , Harvard Law School, on "Have You Eaten? Have You Divorced? Debating the Meaning of Freedom in Marriage in China"

November 19: No Class

November 26: Student Presentations

December 3: John Kamm, President, Duihua Foundation , on "Political Crimes and Prisoner Releases"

December 10: Professor Cai Yanmin, Zhongshan University, on "Clinical Legal Education in China"

December 17: Professor Paul Gewirtz, Yale University, on "The U.S.-China Rule of Law Initiative"

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