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Visiting Scholars

ZHENG Nan is an official of the Shanghai Food and Drug Supervisory Institute, a department of the Shanghai Food Safety Regulation Division of the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. His research at Yale will focus on procedures for food safety appraisal and law enforcement, particularly with respect to criminal cases. He hopes to further rationalize and proceduralize the regulation of food safety through administrative and criminal enforcement in Shanghai.

SONG Hualin
SONG Hualin is an Associate Professor of Law in Nankai University. Dr. Song’s main academic interests concern comparative administrative law, administrative regulation (risk regulation, rule-making, regulatory tools), food and drug law, and health care reform. He has had more than 40 articles published in various academic journals including China Legal Science, Management World, Peking University Law Journal, Tsinghua Law Journal, Journal of Comparative Law, and Global Law Review. While at Yale, Dr. SONG will research U.S. law and policy on pharmaceutical safety.

WANG Yong is a Professor and Director of the Office of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. He holds a LL.M and a Ph.D. in Administrative Law from China University of Political Science and Law and from 2009 to 2012 was a postdoctoral fellow in economics at the University of International Business and Economics. Professor WANG has published numerous articles on these topics in Chinese academic journals including Chinese Academy of Governance Press and Intellectual Property Publishing House. While at Yale, Professor WANG will research the development and operation of civil society in the U.S.

LU Jun
Mr. LU Jun is the Chief Coordinator of Beijing YIRENPING Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social justice and public well-being in China. YIRENPING offers education on communicable disease prevention and control, provides community outreach and assistance for patients, and works to eliminate discrimination and stigma. Mr. Lu is best known in China for his advocacy on behalf of carriers of HBV (hepatitis B virus), for which he has won recognition in China, Hong Kong, Italy, and elsewhere. While at Yale, he will conduct research on improving the protection system for food and drugs for consumer protection groups.

ZHANG Qianfan
ZHANG Qianfan is a Professor of Law at Peking University Law School. At the Law School he is also director of the Center for the People’s Congress and Parliamentary Studies and the senior deputy director of the Constitutional and Administrative Law Center. Professor ZHANG obtained his Ph.D. in Government from University of Texas at Austin (1999). He taught comparative constitutional law and administrative law at School of Law, Nanjing University, before joining the law faculty in Peking University in 2003. He has authored or edited over 30 books and published more than 150 articles in the field of constitutional law. Representative works include an influential two-volume treatise The Constitutional Systems in the West (2nd Ed., 2004/2005), Comparative Administrative Law: Systems, Institutions, and Processes (2008, first author), From Constitution to Constitutionalism: A Comparative Study of Judicial Review (2008, first author), Legalizing Central-Local Relations (2009, coeditor with Paul Gewirtz), Principles of Constitutional Law (2011), Equality in Rights and Local Diversity: Another Perspective of Central-Local Relations (2011), State Sovereignty and Local Autonomy: Legalizing Central-Local Relations (2012), For Human Dignity: A Critique and Reconstruction of Classical Chinese Philosophy (2012), The Constitution of China: A Contextual Analysis (Hart, 2012), The Future of a Constitutional China (2013), Introduction to the Study of Constitutional Law (3nd Ed., 2014). He is also Vice President of China’s Constitutional Law Association.

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