Digital Cops 2004

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Digital Cops 2004

About Digital Cops in a Virtual Enviroment:
A conference on CyberCrime and Digital Law Enforcement

Yale Law School
March 26-28, 2004

The Information Society Project at Yale Law School is pleased to announce its upcoming conference on Cybercrime and Digital Law Enforcement entitled: "Digital Cops in Virtual Environment," which will take place on March 26-28, 2004 at Yale Law School. This ground-breaking conference will bring together policy makers, security experts, law enforcement personnel, social activists and academics to discuss the emerging phenomena of cybercrime and law enforcement. The conference will question both the efficacy of fighting cybercrime and the civil liberties implications arising from innovations in law enforcement methods of operation.

During this weekend-long conference, a distinguished group of experts will discuss how a shift to a digital environment:

  1. Changes the crime scene
  2. Facilitates the commission of new types of crimes
  3. Leads to radical changes in law enforcement methods
  4. Equips law enforcement with new tools of surveillance, technological design and risk sorting systems
  5. Presents challenges for the legal process
  6. Introduces new forms of social resistance through hacktivism and counter-surveillance.

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Video Links:
| Jack Balkin Intro | Keynote Speech |
| Panel #1 | Panel #2 | Panel #3 | Panel #4 |
| Sat. Night Keynote |
| Panel #5 | Panel #6 |