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Gene Patents: Advancing Medicine or Capturing Humanity?

Yale Law School
Room 129
Tuesday February 14, 2012

Watch Video Here

Last year, the Federal Circuit ruled that the isolated genes for breast cancer were patentable subject matter. Women having the genes face a risk of 50-80% of developing breast cancer, versus an average population risk of 12-13%, as well as a heightened risk of developing ovarian cancer. Now the ACLU is asking the Supreme Court to hear this controversial case and address whether human genes should be patentable. Is isolated DNA a "product of nature" or a "man-made invention?" Do gene patents on balance promote innovation or harm it?

Come hear directly from both parties in the case and decide for yourself! We invite you to join the American Constitution Society and the Yale Information Society Project for a very special Valentine's Day event: Tuesday, February 14, 12-2pm, in Room 129 at Yale Law School.

Our guests will be Chris Hansen, the lead attorney on the case for the ACLU; Richard Marsh, the General Counsel of Myriad Genetics; Rochelle Dreyfuss, Pauline Newman Professor of Law at NYU; and Dr. Allen Bale, the Director of the DNA Diagnostic Lab and Professor of Genetics at the Yale School of Medicine.Please join us for lunch and a lively discussion.