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Human Rights Workshop: Current Issues and Events

Workshops will be held at 12:10 pm. in the Law School Faculty Lounge. Background readings
will beposted at least one week prior to workshop presentation.

For more information, contact the Schell Center at 203-432-7480 or

September 18 David E. Landau
Assistant Professor of Law, and Associate Dean for International Programs
Florida State University College of Law
"Improving Judiicial Remedies for Socioeconomic Rights"

September 25 Daniel Brinks
Associate Professor, Government and Law, University of Texas at Austin
"Social and Economic Rights and the Politics of Welfare: Latin American Comparative Perspective"

[Reading 1] [Reading 2]
October 9
Samuel Moyn
Professor of Law and History, Harvard University
"Croesus's World: Human Rights and Neoliberal Economics"

[Reading 1] [Reading 2]
October 23 Shareen Hertel
Associate Professor of Political Science & Human Rights, and Editor, The Journal of Human Rights, University of Connecticut
"Economic Rights Advocacy in Practice: The Long (and unfinished) Journey of India's Right to Food Campaign"

There are no readings for this session.

November 6

Justine Nolan
Deputy Director - Australian Human Rights Centre,University of New SouthWales Law School, and Visiting Scholar, NYU
"Are Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives (MSIs) an Effective Mechanism for Curbing Corporate Human Rights Violations?"

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November 14
Mathias Risse
Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

"The Human Right to Water and Common Ownership of the Earth"


December 4

Amy Kapczynski
Associate Professor of Law and Director, Global Health Justice Partnership, Yale Law School
"The Right to Health and Access to Medicines in an Age of Neoliberalism"