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Janice Ta

Janice L. Ta is a current 2L at Yale Law School.  Her main ISP interests are in policy questions at the intersection of disability rights and technology.  In 2003, Janice graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in Art History and B.S. in Symbolic Systems, concentrating in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).  From 2003-2006, she was a product manager at Plaxo, Inc., a start-up in Mountain View, CA, where she researched and drove the user experience of many of the company's key consumer products.  Her work in human computer interaction has included projects for Toyota, Eastman Kodak, and Yahoo! Janice is also actively involved in disability advocacy.  In 2006-2007, she was the Program Assistant and interim National Coordinator for Disability Mentoring Day at the American Association of People with Disabilities.  She is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the National Association of Law Students with Disabilities.