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2012-2013 Workshop Schedule

The Law, Economics, and Organization Workshop, which was established in 1984, is an interdisciplinary workshop that brings to Yale Law School social scientists and legal scholars, generally from other universities, whose research involves a broad range of issues.

Course Requirements

2012-2013 Schedule

The workshop meets from 4:10-5:40 p.m. in Room 121.
For further information, please contact
Deborah Sestito at (203) 432-4830 or deborah.sestito@yale.edu

Fall 2012

September 13

Matthew Stephenson
"The Constraining, Liberating, and Informational Effects of Non-Binding Law"
Joint with Legal Theory Workshop
YLS Faculty Lounge

September 27

John Morley
University of Virginia/Law
"An Empirical Study of Mutual Fund Excessive Fee Litigation: Do the Merits Matter?"
Joint with the Bert W. Wasserman Workshop in Law and Finance

October 11

Roland Benabou
"Laws and Norms"

October 25

John Asker
New York University/Stern School of Business
"Vertical Practices Facilitating Exclusion"

November 8

Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci
University of Amsterdam/Center for Law & Economics
"Property Versus Contract,"written with Carmine Guerriero and Zhenxing Huang

November 29

Ryan Bubb
New York University/Law
"Optimal Agency Bias and Regulatory Review"
Joint with the Bert W. Wasserman Workshop in Law and Finance

December 6

Price Fishback
Arizona State University/Economics
"Social Welfare Expenditures in the United States and the Nordic Countries: 1900-2003"

Spring 2013

January 24

Heidi Williams
Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Economics
"Do Fixed Patent Terms Distort Innovation: Evidence from Cancer Clinical Trials"
Please emailDebbie Sestito fora copy of this paper

February 7

Timur Kuran
Duke University/Economics & Political Science
"Institutional Roots of Authoritarian Rule in the Middle East: Political Legacies of the Waqf"
Joint with Legal Theory Workshop

February 21

Bruno Deffains
University of Paris/Economics
"The Role of Social Image Concerns in the Design of Legal Regimes" (with Claude Fluet)

March 7

Oren Bar-Gill
New York University/Law
"Credit Card Pricing: The Card Act And Beyond"Yale Workshop | Published
"Price Caps In Multi-Price Markets"
Joint with the Bert W. Wasserman Workshop in Law and Finance

March 28

Nicole Stelle Garnett
Notre Dame/Law
"Public-School Closures as a Land-Use Problem"
Please emailDebbie Sestito for a copy of this paper.

April 11

Paul Oyer
Stanford University/Graduate School of Business
"Welcome to the Club: The Returns to An Elite Degree for American Lawyers"
Joint with the Bert W. Wasserman Workshop in Law and Finance

April 25

Ulrike Malmendier
University of California at Berkeley/Economics
"You Owe Me"