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2013-2014 Workshop Schedule

Established in 1984, the Law, Economics, and Organization Workshop is an interdisciplinary workshop that brings to Yale Law School social scientists and legal scholars, generally from other universities, whose research involves a broad range of issues.

Course Requirements

2013-2014 Schedule

The workshop meets from 4:10-5:40 p.m. in Room 121.
For further information
please contact
Deborah Sestito at (203) 432-4830 or deborah.sestito@yale.edu

Fall 2013

Sept. 12

Robert Bartlett
UC Berkeley/Law
"Shall We Haggle in Pennies at the Speed of Light or in Nickels in the Dark? How Minimum Price Variation Regulates High Frequency Trading and Dark Liquidity"
Joint with Bert W. Wasserman Workshop in Law and Finance

Sept. 26

Daniel Klerman
University of Southern California/Law
"Rethinking Personal Jurisdiction"

Oct. 10

Shane Frederick
Yale/School of Management
"The Bat and Ball Problem"
"Cognitive Reflection and Decision Making"

Oct. 24

John Roberts
Stanford/Graduate School of Business
"Does Working From Home Work? Evidence from a Chinese Experiment"
Joint with Bert W. Wasserman Workshop in Law and Finance

Nov. 7

Yehonatan Givati
Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Law
"Organizational Structure, Police Activity and Crime"

Nov. 21

Petra Moser
"Dead Poets’ Property—Does Copyright Increase the Price of Content?"
Joint with Legal History Forum

Dec. 12

Adair Morse
UC Berkeley/School of Business
"Lawyers in the Executive Suite: The Value of Gatekeepers as Internal Governance"
Joint with Bert W. Wasserman Workshop in Law and Finance

Spring 2014


Zvika Neeman
Tel Aviv University/Berglas School of Economics
Yale/Economics (Visitor)
Judicial Decision Making: A Dynamic Reputation Approach

Feb. 13

Amanda Kowalski
“The Long Term Impact of Health Insurance Expansions on Eligible Children”

Feb. 27

Daniel Shoag
Harvard/Kennedy School
"Why Has Regional Income Convergence in the U.S. Declined"
Mar. 13

Ran Spiegler
Tel Aviv University/Economics; University College London/Economics
"On the Equilibrium Effects of Nudging"                  

Mar. 27

Legal Theory Workshop—Charles Murray

Apr. 3

Jide Okechuku Nzelibe
"The Elusive Free Trade Constitution"

Apr. 17

David Neumark
UC Irvine/Economics
"Did Age Discrimination Protections Help Older Workers Weather the Great Recession?"
Joint with Bert W. Wasserman Workshop in Law and Finance