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Public Interest Events and Activities

The Liman Public Interest Colloquium
The Program sponsors an annual Public Interest Law Colloquium bringing together advocates, scholars, and students from across the country. Colloquia have addressed many topics: the federal funding of legal services, encountering the criminal law, low-wage workers and workfare, the challenges of becoming and staying a public interest lawyer, the role of mass media in public interest advocacy, public interest lawyering, and public interest advocacy at the state and local level in an era of high anxiety.

The Liman Project
The Liman Project in the fall and spring provides an opportunity for YLS students to work together with faculty on research and advocacy around specific issues related to detention and access to justice. This year, our projects include how to reduce the degrees of isolation imposed on prisoners and how to enable women and men in the federal prison system to be closer to their homes and families. If interested, please contact Johanna Kalb, Liman Program Director, at johanna.kalb@yale.edu or (203) 432-9404.

Liman Public Interest Workshop
During the academic year, the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program sponsors a Public Interest Workshop, which is a weekly seminar where students, faculty, and practitioners meet to discuss emerging issues of theory and advocacy. The Workshop is open to all law students and interested undergraduates at Yale College, and provides opportunities for students working across the public interest spectrum to discuss issues of social justice. The Spring 2015 workshop, Rationing Law: Subsidizing Access to Justice in Democracies, will consider how – both in the United States and abroad – resources are allocated to enable or to constrain individuals and groups as they pursue legal claims.