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Public Interest Events and Activities

Public Interest Law Colloquium
The Program also sponsors an annual Public Interest Law Colloquium bringing together advocates, scholars, and students from across the country for a day-long discussion. Colloquia have addressed many topics: the federal funding of legal services, encountering the criminal law, low-wage workers and workfare, the challenges of becoming and staying a public interest lawyer, the role of mass media in public interest advocacy, public interest lawyering, and public interest advocacy at the state and local level in an era of high anxiety.

The Seventeenth Annual Liman Colloquium, Isolation and Reintegration: Punishment Circa 2014 will take place on April 3, 2014 at Yale Law School beginning at 4:10 p.m.  Registration for the Colloquium will begin at 3:00 p.m. in the Yale Faculty Dining Room. 

This colloquium explores facets of incarceration so as to understand what interventions could reduce the isolation of prisoners, both in terms of the distance they live from their communities and in terms of the degree to which they are isolated within prisons. Coming from different sectors, participants—who run prisons, who sentence people to prison, who represent incarcerated people, who have spent time in prison, who study prisons, and who regulate prisons—will explore the contemporary challenges to changing current patterns of sentencing and incarceration.

The Liman Project
The Liman Project provides YLS students with the opportunity to do public interest research and advocacy projects that have a domestic focus. Students, with help from the Liman Director, work with current and former Liman Fellows (who are all YLS graduates) on projects at their organizations, and may also develop independent public interest projects – thereby providing services while exploring career opportunities in public interest law and developing mentoring relationships. Students may earn one unit of ungraded credit for substantial work. If interested, please contact Hope Metcalf, Liman Program Director, at hope.metcalf@yale.edu or (203) 432-9404.

Public Interest Workshop
During the academic year, the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program sponsors a Public Interest Workshop, which is a weekly seminar where students, faculty, and practitioners meet to discuss emerging issues of theory and advocacy. The Workshop is open to all law students and interested undergraduates at Yale College, and provides opportunities for students working across the public interest spectrum to discuss issues of social justice. The Spring 2014 workshop, Moving Criminal Justice: Practices of Prohibition, Abolition, Regulation, and Reform will consider how reform agendas are formulated, do or do not gain currency, and result in changes in laws and practices that produce consequences, both generative and harmful.  Please click here to view past Workshop syllabi.

Diaper Rights