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Application Process





PLEASE PDF ENTIRE APPLICATION to katherine.lawton@yale.edu


 Application process (All documents must be in Courier New 12 pt)

All Yale undergraduates -- with the exception of graduating seniors - are eligible to apply.  (Students from Barnard, Brown, Harvard, Princeton and Spelman should consult wtih their schools' program advisor.)

A complete application must include:

  1. A cover sheet listing the applicant’s current contact information (address, phone, e-mail) and class.
  2. The applicant’s resume (no more than two pages), which should list relevant prior experiences working or volunteering in public service.
  3. A reflective essay not to exceed four double-spaced pages (in Courier New 12 pt) describing why the applicant is motivated to work in public interest law. The essay should do more than recite activities from the applicant’s resume.
  4. If the applicant is considering a fellowship at a specific host organization, a short statement about the host’s work and confirmation of its non-profit status.
  5. **Two (2) letters of recommendation, both need to be from Yale affiliated faculty, ideally from faculty members who know the applicant’s work. The recommendations should be emailed to Katherine Lawton  as a pdf or mailed via university mail or regular mail to : Yale Law School, 127 Wall Street, PO Box 208215, New Haven, CT 06511 Attn: Katherine Lawton, Liman Program. We ask that recommendation letters to also be in Courier 12 pt or larger.
  6. A copy of the applicant’s "official" current college transcript is required.
  7. A dean's letter confirming the applicants' good standing with the University.  Any disciplinary or other issue should be explained.


Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Summer Fellows should plan to attend the annual Liman Public Interest Colloquium at Yale Law School on April 9-10, 2015.

All Summer Fellows must submit a final report, usually by early September. Final reports generally describe the host organization and summarize the projects and kind of work undertaken during the summer.