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Yale Law School Fellowship

Liman Report: Keeping Families Together
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The Arthur Liman Public Interest Program annually funds fellowships for Yale Law School graduates to spend a year working in the United States on public interest legal issues such as welfare rights, homelessness, racial profiling, indigent criminal defense, alternative sentencing courts, immigration, workers rights, and juvenile justice. Liman Fellows work on their public interest law projects for one year, beginning in the summer or fall after the fellowship is awarded. Fellows provide the Program with periodic progress reports, including a final report at the end of the fellowship year.

The Program provides each Fellow with an annual stipend of approximately $45,000. With rare exception, host organizations cover the cost of health and other benefits for the Fellow during the fellowship year. Host organizations must provide and arrange for malpractice insurance.

Interested organizations are encouraged to email Johanna Kalb regarding the possibility of sponsoring an applicant for a Liman Fellowship.
Liman Report: Solitary Confinement on Texas’s Death Row
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