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From Mad Men to Mad Bots: Advertising in the Digital Age

| Speakers and Moderators |

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March 25-26, 2011

Room 127 at Yale Law School

Advertising is central to the media landscape, and to daily life. As advertisers and audiences migrate to the Internet, mobile phones, and other digital platforms, businesses are harnessing new technologies to reimagine and redesign what advertising is, and how it works. Computing power takes center stage as ads are automatically tailored to match the surrounding content, and individual users are tracked and targeted for a new level of personalized marketing. Advertisers and publishers have new information and new options, while individual users enjoy new benefits and face new risks. How do the new technologies and new business models of advertising work, and how should they change the way we understand media? What do these developments mean for the online privacy debate, and for the special case of youth-oriented media? How do the new advertisements change our self-perceptions and our social behavior online? And how should regulators react? This conference will convene an unusual constellation of business leaders, scholars, activists, and regulators to explore these issues.

The conference is open to all who register. There is no charge for Yale students and faculty.  The registration fee for non-Yale students and scholars is $10 & the registration fee for non-profits, government representatives and the general public will be $25. The event will be streamed live. You can find more information about this conference as well as other ISP events at the ISP Blog.

For more information please contact perry.fetterman@yale.edu.

Program Committee:

Bryan Choi, Chair
Nicholas Bramble
Adam Cohen
Laura DeNardis
Seeta Peña Gangadharan
Daniel Kreiss
Perry Fetterman
David Robinson